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02 March 2021 Cabinet approves Production Linked Incentive Scheme for pharmaceuticals IDT
02 March 2021 Cabinet approves Production Linked Incentive Scheme for pharmaceuticals IDT
02 March 2021 Activities of liaison office do not amount to supply of service: Karnataka AAAR IDT
25 February 2021 CBIC issues clarification on applicability of dynamic QR code IDT
25 February 2021 Input tax credit on demo vehicles disallowed: Madhya Pradesh AAR IDT
22 February 2021 SC directs the revenue to file affidavit on technical glitches faced during TRAN-01 filing IDT
22 February 2021 Extension of alternate mechanism for resolving invoice mismatch errors in shipping bills IDT
05 February 2021 MCA notifies effective date for various amended Rules Regulatory
01 February 2021 MCA notifies effective date of amendments in Companies Act, 2013 Regulatory
28 January 2021 MCA notifies effective date for amendments in CSR provisions Regulatory
04 January 2021 Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products Scheme implemented from 1 January FTP
04 January 2020 Due date for furnishing annual return for FY 2019-20 extended GST
23 December 2020 Indirect Tax Update: CBIC notifies certain restrictions in claiming input tax credit GST
23 December 2020 CBIC notifies certain changes in GST registration process GST
19 November 2020 Madras HC quashes levy of interest on ITC portion GST
13 November 2020 ITC unavailable on medicines, food and beverages supplied to in-patients – Karnataka AAR GST
13 November 2020 Government announces subsidy to employees and employers registered with EPFO PF
12 November 2020 Union Cabinet approves Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme for 10 key sectors GST
30 October 2020 Government issues FAQs on Manufacture and Other Operations in Warehouse Regulations, 2019 IDT
30 October 2020 Government announces LTC scheme for non-central government employees DT
30 October 2020 Government invites data from exporters for RoDTEP scheme IDT
29 October 2020 Transition of cesses into GST disallowed: Madras HC GST
29 October 2020 Government issues clarification on Manufacturing and Other Operations in Warehouse Regulations, 2019 IDT
28 October 2020 Government extends last date of payment under the Vivad se Vishwas Scheme DT
27 October 2020 Services provided by liaison office to its foreign head office constitutes ‘supply’ – Karnataka AAR GST
26 October 2020 Due date for filing Form 9 and Form 9C for FY19 extended GST
26 October 2020 Government extends due date of filing income tax return for FY20 DT
23 October 2020 Government announces special cash package for central government employees DT
19 October 2020 CBIC notifies various recommendations of 42nd GST Council meeting GST
14 October 2020 E-way bill generation to be blocked from 15 October 2020 for GSTR-3B defaulters GST
14 October 2020 CBIC issues clarification on cumulative ITC restriction applicable for February-August 2020 GST
14 October 2020 Ministry of Finance issues press release clarifying certain aspect of annual return for FY 2018-19 GST
07 October 2020 Government notifies Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxation and Amendment of certain provisions) Act, 2020 Tax
07 October 2020 42nd GST council meeting: Key recommendations/decisions GST
06 October 2020 CBIC notifies certain changes in applicability of e-invoicing provisions GST
06 October 2020 MP Amnesty Scheme: Settlement of arrears under indirect tax legislation IDT
05 October 2020 Export of goods by sea or air: Last date for exemption on services of goods transportation extended GST
05 October 2020 COVID-19: Date of compliance and completion of action under specified indirect tax laws extended IDT
30 September 2020 Due date for filing annual return in Form 9 and reconciliation statement in Form 9C for FY 2018-19 extended to 31 October 2020 GST
30 September 2020 No synchronisation with turnover required for passing ITC benefits – NAA GST
30 September 2020 Madras HC upholds constitutionality of provisions relating to refund in case of inverted duty structure GST
30 September 2020 Bihar Amnesty Scheme - Settlement of arrears under indirect tax legislation IDT
25 September 2020 Government notifies Faceless Appeal Scheme, 2020 DT
24 September 2020 Supply of common administrative services by HO to other units leviable to GST: Haryana AAR GST
23 September 2020 Gujarat HC allows refund of unutilised ITC distributed by input service distributor to SEZ unit GST
23 September 2020 Government raises FDI cap in defence sector to 74% Regulatory
22 September 2020 COVID-19: CBIC notifies further reliefs under GST GST
22 September 2020 Government of Kerala issues instructions pertaining to Kerala Amnesty Scheme, 2020 IDT
21 September 2020 Offline tool to match auto-populated input tax credit in Form GSTR-2B released GST
21 September 2020 CBIC issues instructions for recovery of interest on net cash tax liability GST
16 September 2020 Refund of service tax on cancellation of flat booking allowed under GST GST
15 September 2020 COVID-19: Supreme Court releases user guide for limited physical hearing Tax
14 September 2020 GSTN releases set of FAQs on e-invoicing Tax
11 September 2020 COVID-19: MCA directs extending time to hold AGM by three months Regulatory
03 September 2020 DGFT notifies changes in the Merchandise Export from India Scheme IDT
03 September 2020 Date of completion or compliance of action by authorities under the anti-profiteering provisions extended GST
02 September 2020 Expenditure incurred on development of software platform which is subsequently abandoned is revenue in nature: Bangalore ITAT DT
01 September 2020 Delhi HC hears batch of writ petitions challenging the constitutional validity of anti-profiteering provisions GST
01 September 2020 ITC statement in Form GSTR-2B introduced for July 2020 on trial basis GST
31 August 2020 GSTN launches new functionality in Form GSTR-2A for disclosing imports and SEZ supplies GST
28 August 2020 ITC not available on services received for construction of laboratory: Telangana AAR GST
27 August 2020 Interest on delay in payment of ‘net tax liability’ applicable from 1 September 2020 GST
26 August 2020 COVID-19: Government amends export policy relating to PPE kits/masks IDT
26 August 2020 Supply of food to Hospital on outsourcing basis liable to GST: Telangana AAR GST
25 August 2020 Customs (Administration of Rules of Origin under Trade Agreements) Rules, 2020 notified IDT
25 August 2020 CBIC revises guidelines for conducting hearings through videoconferencing IDT
24 August 2020 CBIC amends provisions related to GST registration GST
21 August 2020 NAA sets aside penalty for profiteering as no specific penalty provisions existed prior to 1 January 2020 GST
20 August 2020 Project Office established to carry on preparatory or auxiliary functions does not constitute a PE: Supreme Court DT
20 August 2020 Manufacture and Other Operations in Special Warehouse Regulations, 2020 notified IDT
19 August 2020 Court approved Scheme of Amalgamation cannot be termed as ‘colorable device’: Kolkata ITAT DT
14 August 2020 Gujarat HC upholds constitutionality of provisions relating to place of supply in case of intermediary services GST
14 August 2020 Government issues advisory on e-invoicing system GST
13 August 2020 PM launches new tax platform – ‘Transparent Taxation – Honoring the Honest’ DT
12 August 2020 Rajasthan HC allows petitioners to make application before the GST council to avail transitional credit GST
11 August 2020 Last date for availing Kerala Amnesty Scheme, 2020 extended to 30 September IDT
11 August 2020 GSTN issues FAQs and user manual for offline filing Form GSTR-4 by composition dealers GST
05 August 2020 COVID-19: No sitting of CESTAT benches from 4 August 2020 to 14 August 2020 IDT
05 August 2020 Gujarat HC allows refund of ITC on input services under inverted duty structure GST
03 August 2020 Ministry of Commerce and Industry working on early resolution to MEIS issue IDT
31 July 2020 COVID-19: Second phase of nationwide faceless assessment programme rolled out IDT
31 July 2020 CBIC notifies e-invoicing for businesses with turnover above INR 500 crore GST
30 July 2020 Marketing services to overseas client held as ‘intermediary services’ liable to IGST: AP AAR GST
30 July 2020 Jaipur ITAT holds agricultural land to be an ‘immovable property’ for the purpose of Section 56(2)(vii)(b) GST
29 July 2020 Government stops registration of MEIS scrips for shipping bills having LEO 1 April 2020 onwards IDT
29 July 2020 SC directs no coercive action against Petitioner involved in alleged GST fraud GST
28 July 2020 Supply of medicines, drugs, stents, implants, etc., to in-patients not liable to GST: AP AAR GST
23 July 2020 COVID-19: Government amends export policy related to PPE kits/masks Customs
22 July 2020 Government invites suggestions for review of existing customs law, procedures and exemptions Customs
22 July 2020 CBIC and CBDT sign MoU to facilitate exchange of data Tax
21 July 2020 Time limit prescribed for claiming transitional credits is mandatory and not directory: Madras High Court GST
21 July 2020 GSTN issues interim measure for filing revocation of cancellation order pending in appeal channel GST
20 July 2020 Pending GST registrations to be cleared under special drive by 30 July 2020: CBIC GST
20 July 2020 ITC on vehicles hired for transportation of employees not available unless obligatory under any law: HP AAR GST
16 July 2020 Finance ministry issues clarification on GST rate on hand sanitisers GST
08 July 2020 Gujarat AAR holds sale of plots with primary amenities as provision of services, liable to GST GST
07 July 2020 SC issues SOP for e-filing, mentioning, listing and conducting hearing through videoconference Tax
07 July 2020 COVID-19: Update on Turant Suvidha Kendra and other initiatives IDT
01 June 2020 Goa Amnesty Scheme: Settlement of arrears under indirect tax legislation IDT
30 June 2020 Government to roll out facility of filing NIL return in Form GSTR-1 through SMS GST
29 June 2020 CBIC extends date of compliance/completion of action under certain indirect tax laws IDT
29 June 2020 Optional tax regime: CBDT notifies allowances eligible for deduction for individuals and HUFs DT
29 June 2020 DGFT to launch e-platform for services related to foreign trade on 13 July 2020 IDT
26 June 2020 CBIC issues notifications to give effect to 40th GST Council meeting recommendations GST
26 June 2020 Goods shipped to overseas customer directly by foreign vendor are liable to IGST: Gujarat AAR GST
25 June 2020 MCA extends date for board approval on certain matters via VC/OAUM to 30 Sept Regulatory
25 June 2020 Demerger expense amortisation claim allowed in initial years, cannot be questioned in later years if no material change in facts: Kolkata ITAT DT
25 June 2020 COVID-19: Government extends various time limits under direct tax and Benami laws DT
24 June 2020 Resulting company eligible for accumulated losses claimed in revised return: Kolkata ITAT DT
22 June 2020 COVID-19: Amendment in policy on export of personal protection equipment kits IDT
23 June 2020 COVID-19: Update on faceless, contactless and paperless customs IDT
22 June 2020 SC stays Delhi HC decision of holding transitional credit time limit ‘directory’ GST
12 June 2020 Government issues FAQs on facility of filing NIL GST Return through SMS GST
11 June 2020 AAR rejects application relating to transaction designed prima facie for tax avoidance DT
11 June 2020 CBIC issues clarification on applicability of GST on director’s remuneration GST
09 June 2020 Chennai ITAT invokes guardianship law, rejects tax-planning attempt through minor sons DT
09 June 2020 Ex-factory supply of goods terminating in other state liable to IGST: Telangana AAR GST
09 June 2020 Assam Amnesty Scheme: Settlement of arrears under indirect tax legislation IDT
09 June 2020 COVID-19: Government rolls out facility of filing NIL GST return through SMS GST
02 June 2020 Relaxation from late filing fees for MEIS/SEIS applications and extension in validity of scrips IDT
09 June 2020 COVID-19: Government rolls out facility of filing NIL GST return through SMS GST
02 June 2020 Relaxation from late filing fees for MEIS/SEIS applications and extension in validity of scrips IDT
29 May 2020 COVID-19: Further extension of facility of accepting undertaking in lieu of bond IDT
28 May 2020 Receipt of shares pursuant to internal family realignment not a gift/benefit: Delhi ITAT DT
22 May 2020 India extends Safe Harbour Rules to cover FY20 TP
19 May 2020 CBIC retrospectively gives power to prescribe time-limit for claiming transitional credits GST
19 May 2020 COVID-19: New EPF Contribution rates notified for May, June and July 2020 PF
19 May 2020 EPFO issues FAQs on transfer of EPF balance PF
19 May 2020 COVID-19: DGEP’s response on certain operating issues pertaining to SEZ and EoU IDT
15 May 2020 Benefit to be passed at each stock keeping unit level and not at entity or branch level – NAA GST
13 May 2020 CESTAT amends Customs, Excise and Service Tax (Procedure) Rules, 1982 IDT
12 May 2020 Salary received by an executive director is outside the purview of GST: Karnataka AAR GST
11 May 2020 COVID-19: CBDT relaxes residency rule for individuals unable to leave India DT
06 May 2020 FinMin amends Foreign Exchange Management (Non-debt Instruments) Rules 2019 Regulatory
05 May 2020 COVID-19: CBIC notifies additional reliefs under GST IDT
06 May 2020 Delhi HC holds time limit prescribed for claiming transitional credit as ‘directory’ in nature GST
05 May 2020 US IRS issues set of FAQs for transfer pricing documentation TP
04 May 2020 GST refund: Government cautions taxpayers on fake messages GST
30 April 2020 Provision for transfer of balances lying in e-cash ledger effective from 21 April 2020 IDT
29 April 2020 CBIC issues guidelines for conducting personal hearings through video conferencing GST
28 April 2020 Himachal Pradesh (Legacy Cases Resolution) Scheme, 2019 extended till 30 September 2020 IDT
22 April 2020 Facility to correct invoice mismatches between GST returns vis-a-vis customs data extended IDT
22 April 2020 COVID-19: Extension of facility of accepting undertaking in lieu of bond IDT
20 April 2020 Steps to be taken on commencement of new financial year – Indirect Tax IDT
17 April 2020 COVID-19: EPFO issues FAQs on PF advance for employees PF
17 April 2020 Business loss can be set off against dividend income from specified foreign companies: Mumbai ITAT DT
16 April 2020 Clarification on manner of continuation of MEIS post implementation of RoDTEP IDT
15 April 2020 Kerala Amnesty Scheme, 2020: Settlement of arrears under indirect tax legislation IDT
15 April 2020 CBDT issues clarification on TDS from salary under new optional tax rate regime DT
14 April 2020 RBI issues Guidelines for regulating Payment Aggregators and Payment Gateways Regulatory
14 April 2020 CBIC introduces e-communication of Out of Charge copy of BoE and Gatepass IDT
14 April 2020 COVID-19: CBIC issues clarifications on various aspects of relief measures announced GST
13 April 2020 COVID-19: Government to contribute PF, labour ministry issues scheme guidelines PF
10 April 2020 Salary paid to directors liable to GST under reverse charge: Rajasthan AAR GST
10 April 2020 COVID-19: No basic customs duty and health cess on certain medical goods IDT
10 April 2020 Appellate authority cannot condone delay beyond the time limit prescribed under the GST law: Orissa HC GST
10 April 2020 COVID-19: CBIC introduces Special Refund and Drawback Disposal Drive IDT
09 April 2020 COVID-19 relief measures: Government to immediately issue tax refunds Tax
09 April 2020 COVID-19: Amendment in export policy of certain goods IDT
07 April 2020 Section 14A disallowance not applicable to insurance company: Delhi HC DT
06 April 2020 COVID-19: CBIC notifies recently announced indirect tax relaxation IDT
03 April 2020 Government notifies PLI Scheme for Large Scale Electronics Manufacturing IDT
03 April 2020 COVID-19: Government announces relief for employees registered with EPFO PF
02 April 2020 CBIC issues various clarification on refund related issues GST
01 April 2020 Gujarat HC directs petitioner to file claim on IGST refund paid on Ocean freight GST
01 April 2020 Government issues Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxation of Certain Provisions) Ordinance 2020 Tax
01 April 2020 MCA introduces Companies Fresh Start Scheme, modifies LLP Settlement Scheme Regulatory
01 April 2020 COVID-19: Government extends Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 till 31 March 2021 IDT
01 April 2020 Government releases advisory for taxpayers to track status of their refund application GST
01 April 2020 Finance Act 2020 gets enacted DT
01 April 2020 Extension of validity of registration-cum-membership certificate beyond 31 March 2020 IDT
31 March 2020 COVID-19 relief measures: CBDT extends validity of lower/nil deduction certificates till 30 June DT
31 March 2020 Goods imported against AA/EPCG: IGST and compensation cess exemption extended till 31 March 2021 GST
31 March 2020 CBIC revises GST rates on mobile phones, matchsticks and MRO services GST
30 March 2020 Impact analysis: CBIC puts turnover cap for allowing refund of accumulated ITC GST
27 March 2020 CBIC issues clarification on issues faced by entities covered under IBC GST
27 March 2020 Cabinet approves extension of rebate on export of apparel and made-ups IDT
27 March 2020 CBIC issues clarification on apportionment of ITC in cases of business re-organisation GST
25 March 2020 Uttar Pradesh Amnesty Scheme provides waiver of outstanding interest and penalty IDT
25 March 2020 CBIC issues notifications to give effect to 39th GST Council meeting recommendations GST
25 March 2020 Union Cabinet approves production linked incentive scheme for electronics industry IDT
25 March 2020 CBIC makes Aadhaar verification mandatory from 1 April 2020 GST
25 March 2020 Union Cabinet approves production linked incentive scheme for electronics industry IDT
24 March 2020 CBIC prescribes staggered due dates for filing various GST returns GST
24 March 2020 COVID-19: SC extends period of limitation under all central and state Acts Tax
24 March 2020 COVID-19: Government proposes various tax and regulatory relief measures Tax & Regulatory
20 March 2020 Ministry of Commerce and Industry provides status on ‘export promotion schemes’ IDT
20 March 2020 Maharashtra AAAR reverses its earlier order, holds conversion of coal received from principal into electricity constitutes ‘job work’ IDT
20 March 2020 No GST on mobilisation advance received prior to GST implementation, says TN AAR GST
20 March 2020 COVID-19: Ministry of Corporate Affairs issues advisory to corporates Regulatory
19 March 2020 CBIC issues clarification regarding appellate process to be followed IDT
18 March 2020 Government notifies the Direct Tax Vivad se Vishwas Act, 2020 DT
16 March 2020 Cabinet approves scheme for Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products IDT
16 March 2020 Updates from the 39th GST Council meeting GST
09 March 2020 AAR cannot reject application citing determination of place of supply as outside its purview: Kerala HC GST
05 March 2020 MCA introduces LLP Settlement Scheme, 2020 to grant one-time condonation of delay in filing statutory documents by LLP Regulatory
05 March 2020 MCA issues clarification on SPICe+ form Regulatory
04 March 2020 SC dismisses SLP against HC order permitting TRAN-1 filing/revising beyond stipulated date GST
04 March 2020 Delhi HC stays operation of NAA’s order in case of a leading healthcare giant GST
03 March 2020 SEZ Act prevails over service tax law – CESTAT Chennai IDT
02 March 2020 Himachal Pradesh government introduces Himachal Pradesh (Legacy Cases Resolution) Scheme, 2019 IDT
28 February 2020 EPFO issues instructions for initiating an inquiry under the EPF Act PF
28 February 2020 Sum received under a Keyman Insurance Policy assigned before 1 April 2014 not taxable: Indore ITAT DT
26 February 2020 Calcutta HC directs maintaining status quo on service tax audit notices issued after GST implementation IDT
24 February 2020 CBIC notifies single GST rate of 28% on lottery effective from 1 March 2020 IDT
24 February 2020 SC directs transfer of pending writ petitions challenging NAA orders to Delhi HC GST
24 February 2020 Novel Coronavirus - Government launches Help Desk to address issues in import and export of goods IDT
19 February 2020 CBIC seeks public comments on Faceless e-Assessment for imported goods by 3 March 2020 IDT
11 February 2020 SC refuses to interfere with HC’s order to accept GSTR-9/9C till 12 February 2020 IDT
10 February 2020 CBIC extends time limit for submitting declaration in Form GST TRAN-01 to 31 March 2020 IDT
07 February 2020 Government releases concept note and updated FAQs on e-invoice IDT
07 February 2020 Rajasthan HC directs Revenue to accept return in Form GSTR-9/9C without late fees - Government challenges HC's order IDT
06 February 2020 CBIC introduces additional information to be furnished in the electronic integrated declaration IDT
05 February 2020 Provisions pertaining to IBC override GST provisions - NCLT Regulatory
04 February 2020 Government issues FAQs on verification of vehicle number in e-way bill system IDT
04 February 2020 Madras HC admits Revenue's appeal against order allowing transitional credit of various cesses IDT
03 February 2020 Gujarat HC holds levy of IGST on ocean freight paid on imported goods 'ultra vires' IDT
31 January 2020 CBIC issues standard operating procedure to be followed by exporters IDT
29 January 2020 Introduction of rupee derivatives in International Finance Service Centre (IFSC) Regulatory
13 January 2020 Extension of one-time amnesty scheme to furnish details of Outward Supplies till 17 January 2020 GST
13 January 2020 IRDAI releases guidelines on repatriation of dividends by insurance intermediaries having majority by foreign investors Regulatory
08 January 2020 Government extends Sabka Vishwas (Legacy Dispute Resolution) Scheme, 2019 till 15 January 2020 GST
07 January 2020 Madras HC holds provisions related to the Dispute Resolution Panel to apply prospectively from AY 2010-11 TP
07 January 2020 CBDT notifies income tax return forms ITR-1 (Sahaj) and ITR-4 (Sugam) for FY 2019-20 DT
03 January 2020 SEBI proposes introducing performance benchmarking and standardisation of private placement memorandum for AIFs Regulatory
24 December 2019 CBIC issues clarification on generation and quoting of DIN on communication issued to taxpayers GST
19 December 2019 CBIC notifies e-invoicing effective from 01 April 2020 GST
19 December 2019 38th GST Council meeting updates GST
18 December 2019 Recovery of salary from employee not leviable to service tax – Allahabad CESTAT IDT
17 December 2019 DGFT prohibits clearance of online imported goods as 'gifts' through post or courier GST
17 December 2019 Income enhanced under Advance Pricing Agreement eligible for deduction under section 10A – Pune ITAT TP
16 December 2019 ITC benefit on actual basis and not on presumption is required to be passed on to the flat-buyer – NAA GST
09 December 2019 CBDT releases third annual report of India’s Advance Pricing Agreement programme TP
06 December 2019 Government releases FAQs on blocking and unblocking of e-way bill generation facility GST
04 December 2019 CBIC relaxes timelines for filling appeal or application before the GSTAT for removing difficulty GST
03 December 2019 IGST payable on ocean freight by importer irrespective of valuation methodology – Andhra Pradesh AAR GST
28 November 2019 Delhi HC directs government to consider appropriate amendments in the GST law before formulating GSTAT GST
26 November 2019 CBIC issues clarification on applicability of reduced GST rate to job-work services GST
20 November 2019 Punjab and Haryana HC holds unutilised credit of pre-GST regime a ‘vested right’ GST
19 November 2019 SEBI issues Operational Guidelines for implementation of the new FPI Regulations Regulatory
12 November 2019 ITC on goods or services procured for giving incentives to dealers not allowed - Karnataka AAR GST
12 November 2019 Madras HC allows transitional credit of cesses in the absence of expressed stipulation for lapse GST
11 November 2019 MCA notifies Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Fifth Amendment Rules, 2019 Regulatory
07 November 2019 Mumbai ITAT explains difference in tax treatment of sale of shares of Indian companies holding real estate as investment vis-à-vis those engaged in development of real estate DT
22 October 2019 Recovery of 50% of parental insurance premium from employees, not 'supply of service’ – Maharashtra AAR GST
18 October 2019 Builder has to pass on additional ITC benefits to the buyer: National Anti-Profiteering Authority GST
11 October 2019 OECD releases proposal for ‘unified approach’ under Pillar One for public comments TP
10 October 2019 Supply by Duty Free Shops to the outbound passenger constitutes exports – Bombay HC GST
10 October 2019 Payment of outstanding tax dues cannot be a pre-condition for implementing a scheme of arrangement holds NCLAT Regulatory
04 October 2019 No levy of service tax or sales tax on supplies by Clubs to its members – Supreme Court IDT
03 October 2019 Winding up application barred by limitation not re-admissible under IBC: Supreme Court Regulatory
01 October 2019 SEBI overhauls FPI Regulations Regulatory
27 September 2019 ITC on inward supply used to provide free medical facilities to employees not available – Tamil Nadu AAR GST
26 September 2019 Due date for claiming transitional credit is procedural in nature and not mandatory provision – Gujarat HC GST
23 September 2019 37th GST Council meeting updates GST
21 September 2019 Government promulgates Ordinance granting various tax concessions DT
19 September 2019 EPFO launches e-nomination facility for its members PF alert
14 September 2019 Government notifies E-assessment Scheme for faceless scrutiny of income-tax returns DT
12 September 2019 Shareholders liable to capital gains on conversion of company into LLP: AAR DT
06 September 2019 Services to demat account holder against interest-free deposit constitutes 'supply' and notional interest constitutes ‘consideration’ GST
29 August 2019 Union Cabinet approves review of FDI policy for key sectors Regulatory
26 August 2019 Input Tax Credit of CGST paid in Haryana not available in Rajasthan – Rajasthan AAAR GST
22 August 2019 Insurance claim received by foreign parent towards erosion of financial interest in Indian subsidiary not taxable in India: ITAT GST
21 August 2019 MCA notifies Companies (Share Capital and Debentures) Amendment Rules, 2019 Regulatory
20 August 2019 Stock transfers should be valued at the actual open market value if available even when recipient is eligible for ITC – Tamil Nadu AAR GST
14 August 2019 Gujarat High Court directs payment of interest on delay in granting refund of IGST GST
12 August 2019 Supply of marketing and promotion services to foreign parent a composite supply of ‘intermediary’ service GST
07 August 2019 Act of tolerating cheque dishonour constitutes a supply and is liable to GST - Maharashtra AAAR GST
05 August 2019 RBI liberalises end-use restrictions on external commercial borrowings Regulatory
02 August 2019 Key indirect tax amendments introduced in the Finance (No. 2) Act, 2019 GST
31 July 2019 No penal proceedings in case of wrongly reflected transitional credit: Patna HC GST
30 July 2019 Comprehensive amendments introduced in the India-China tax treaty  DT
23 July 2019 NCLT order approving scheme of arrangement does not absolve the requirement of obtaining statutorily required permissions: Madras HC  Regulatory
23 July 2019 CBIC clarification on issues related to supply of IT enabled services to overseas entity GST
22 July 2019 Payments by Indian customers towards cloud computing fees not taxable as royalty under India-US DTAA DT
19 July 2019 GSTR-3B is not a return holds Gujarat High Court GST
17 July 2019 NCLAT upholds NCLT order rejecting scheme of arrangement involving companies carrying NBFC activities where RBI approval not taken Regulatory
12 July 2019 Supply of additional quantity under a promotional scheme not leviable to GST – Maharashtra AAR GST
11 July 2019 AAR does not have jurisdiction to decide on the constitutional validity of IGST levy on ocean freight: Madhya Pradesh AAR GST
08 July 2019 Deferment of upfront storage fees over the period of contract without deferring the related expenditure violates matching principle DT
08 July 2019 RBI introduces new mechanism for reporting annual return on Foreign Liabilities and Assets Regulatory
03 July 2019 CBIC issues various notifications and circulars pursuant to the recommendations of 35th GST Council meet GST
28 June 2019 SEBI introduces guidelines for enhanced disclosures by credit rating agencies Regulatory
28 June 2019 Registration mandatory for manufacturer of exempt supplies if liable to pay under reverse charge mechanism – Maharashtra AAR GST
26 June 2019 Gratuity payments to employees for services rendered to former employer allowable as a deduction: Delhi ITAT DT
17 June 2019 NAA upholds profiteering charge against a builder for not passing additional ITC benefit GST
12 June 2019 Payment by manufacturer to dealer against free service coupons liable to TDS under section 194C DT
11 June 2019 ITC not allowed on lease rental paid during pre-operative period to the extent of capitalisation: WB AAAR GST
07 June 2019 Court imposes imprisonment and fine on failure in timely deposit of TDS DT
06 June 2019 RBI amends voluntary retention route for FPIs investing in Indian debt market Regulatory
06 June 2019 NAA upholds profiteering charge against a builder for not passing ITC benefit arising on introduction of GST GST
31 May 2019 Supply of goods to or from Duty Free Shops not liable to GST: Allahabad HC GST
29 May 2019 ITC not allowed if input and input services used for repair of immovable property have been capitalised: Rajasthan AAR GST
24 May 2019 ITC available on inputs and input services used for the construction of a mall to be used for leasing: Orissa HC GST
23 May 2019 Subsidy received by Indian JV partner from foreign JV partner for making investment in the JV not taxable: Madras HC DT
22 May 2019 Control and supervision test not the sole criterion for determining employer-employee relationship: Bombay HC GMS
21 May 2019 ITC eligible when consideration for inward supply paid through book adjustments: WB AAR GST
15 May 2019 RBI issues draft regulatory sandbox framework for ‘start-ups’ in FinTech space Regulatory
15 May 2019 Salary received in NRE account not taxable on receipt basis if services rendered outside India: ITAT Kolkata DT
10 May 2019 Construction services bundled with other related services constitute ‘composite supply’: West Bengal AAR GST
09 May 2019 Supply of back office support services to overseas client regarded as ‘intermediary services’ GST
01 May 2019 Maharashtra government lays down Industrial Policy 2019 IDT
29 April 2019 Interest is payable on the total tax liability without adjusting ITC - Telangana HC GST
29 April 2019 Salary taxable on accrual basis, despite subsequent waiver: Madras HC DT
26 April 2019 Reimbursement of salary and related costs under secondment arrangement constitutes FTS: Chennai ITAT DT
25 April 2019 Multiple counting of employees present on a single day not required for determining service PE - ITAT Mumbai DT
24 April 2019 Refundable interest-free security deposit not chargeable to GST - Maharashtra AAR GST
24 April 2019 CBIC issues clarification on utilisation of input tax credit under GST GST
22 April 2019 Bangalore ITAT grants treaty benefit applying ‘centre of vital interest’ test under India-US tax treaty DT
18 April 2019 Bangalore ITAT grants treaty benefit applying ‘centre of vital interest’ test under India-US tax treaty  DT
18 April 2019 Composite supply of ‘solar power generating system’ not classifiable as works contract: Uttarakhand AAR GST
17 April 2019 Tax deduction of interest expense not allowed on its conversion into a fresh loan: SC DT
15 April 2019 Supply' not involved in contract manufacturing of Indian made foreign liquor - Maharashtra AAR GST
11 April 2019 VCF eligible for tax exemption on income from temporary investments in mutual funds - Mumbai ITAT DT
11 April 2019 NCLAT classifies income tax, VAT and other statutory dues as ‘operational debts’ under IBC Regulatory
10 April 2019 Supplier of management services to overseas entity not covered under the term ‘intermediary’ – Kerala AAR GST
10 April 2019 CBDT notifies income tax return forms for financial year 2018-19
Click here to view key features of ITRs for: individuals and HUFs | companies and persons (other than individual and HUFs)
10 April 2019 Supplier of management services to overseas entity not covered under the term GST
09 April 2019 Transfer Pricing Officer to examine domestic transactions on specific reference from Tax Officer: Bombay HC TP
05 April 2019 Recent AAAR and AAR decisions under the GST law GST
02 April 2019 Option money received for grant of right of first refusal is a capital receipt: Delhi ITAT DT
Issued Date Alerts
22 October 2019 Recovery of 50% of parental insurance premium from employees not 'supply of service' – Maharashtra Authority for Advance Ruling
18 October 2019 Builder has to pass on additional ITC benefits to the buyer: National Anti-Profiteering Authority
10 October 2019 Supply by duty free shops to the outbound passenger constitutes exports – Bombay High Court