The metals and mining industry is fundamental to a country's economic progress, influencing not only the GDP but also supporting industries like infrastructure, automotive, electricity, and construction.

Despite its pivotal role, the industry faces challenges such as climate-related issues, limited adoption of modern digital technologies, market fluctuations, and a shortage of skilled workers. However, the Indian government's initiatives to promote mineral exploration and development are poised to drive the sector's advancement and overcome these challenges.

The Grant Thornton Bharat advantage

  • Digital integration
  • Collaborative approach
  • Data-driven market insights
  • Digital integration
    We guide enterprises in developing growth strategies, enhancing operational effectiveness, promoting innovation, and adopting digital technologies.
  • Collaborative approach
    Collaborative approach
    We collaborate to build future-focused organisations, leveraging our expertise and technological insights.
  • Data-driven market insights
    Data-driven market insights
    Our team provides analytical market insights based on data, enabling you to capitalise on emerging trends and swiftly seize competitive opportunities.

Initiating India's coal sector's just transition dialogue

Problem statement
The client, an international development organisation, is engaged in socio-economic projects with central and state governments. They needed help with the crucial discussion of the recent transition of the coal sector in India, prompted by climate change concerns, and required expertise in the Indian coal industry.
Our solution
Leveraging our extensive experience in the domain, we supported the organisation in organising an event and initiating discussions with the Ministry of Coal and CIL. Our support encompassed designing the event, structuring the discussion agenda, and defining desired outcomes.
Our engagement with the client resulted in comprehensive support for the entire design process of an immersive and interactive session. This included managing announcements and stage activities, updating invited delegates, crafting case studies, pre-read materials, and discussion guides, as well as facilitating discussions across various sessions. Additionally, we prepared rapporteur reports and compiled a thorough post-event analysis, ensuring a successful and well-documented outcome.

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