About us

Business environment today is volatile, fraud risks on the rise, perpetrators increasingly sophisticated, stakeholder expectations getting higher and regulatory enforcement, heightened. Against this background, vulnerabilities of a variety of fraud, misconduct, money laundering, bribery, kick-back schemes, amongst others, pose a substantial threat to financial, operational, and brand value of any business. It is therefore not an overstatement to say that identifying and mitigating these risks is crucial to a business’s existence.

Our Forensic advisory services is the answer to help you overcome these critical business challenges, effectively. Our team stands solid on experience and subject-matter expertise to provide the right insight, from strategy to execution. We cover the spectrum of forensic advisory services and take pride in having worked on diverse engagements, cutting sectors.  While we tailor our solution to a client’s requirements, the agility, conviction and sensitivity with which we approach any issue is constant.

Our service offerings

Comprehensive portfolio of forensic services under one roof. Undertaking complex investigations, providing the right business intelligence, appropriate response plans, from proactive to reactive services, we possess the right capabilities to address your requirement.

Anti-bribery and corruption services


Anti-money laundering


Asset tracing


Corporate investigation


Corporate intelligence


International arbitration
and dispute advisory


End-use monitoring of funds


Fraud risk management services


Forensic digital technology procedures


Fraud risk framework enhancement


Whistle-blower assistance


IBC compliance for resolution professionals


Anti-sexual harassment
(ASH) services

How we create value for you

We provide niche solutions every step of the way to support you achieve your goals
  • Investigating allegations spanning a range of corporate irregularities
  • On-field market intelligence
  • Tracing embezzled funds or assets
  • Assessment and investigation of whistle-blower complaints
  • Developing an anti-fraud programme and providing fraud risk management risks
  • Assistance in remedial actions
  • Bribery risk assessment
  • Anti-bribery due diligence
  • Regulatory compliance framework or periodic compliance review
  • Forensic technology assistance  
  • Dispute resolution to unravel complex business disputes
  • Expert witness testimony

Why Grant Thornton?

  • In-depth exposure to versatile forensic engagements, from seemingly benign, to complex investigations
  • Act with agility, keeping in mind urgency of the situation
  • Functional diversity of our people, our team comprises of former CBI officers and intelligence experts, Chartered Accountants, lawyers, certified fraud examiners, field experts, background intelligence experts and management graduates
  • Deployment of cross-functional resources
  • Synergies of member firms across the globe
  • Customised services to answer your unique business concern

POSH: Re-designing your policy for the new normal

Elements of the POSH Act, key considerations for relooking at the policy, along with best practices for a safe working environment


Anti-bribery and corruption services

Bribes, kickbacks and third parties indulging in corrupt practices have become a routine occurrence and a way of doing business internationally.


Anti-money laundering

Reputational and regulatory risks have become more important to manage in today’s world especially with the uncertainty of experiencing recession globally.