In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern media and entertainment, consumers are trendsetters, seeking increased options, personalisation, and engagement. Captivating these audiences remains a formidable task, despite the multitude of avenues available for reaching them. Digital technologies persist in transforming the creation, distribution, consumption, and monetisation of entertainment and media products.

The Grant Thornton Bharat advantage

  • Monetising for today
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Growth-oriented transformation
  • Monetising for today
    We align costs and revenues with evolving methods, empowering clients to remain agile and maximise profitability.
  • Enhanced customer engagement
    Enhanced customer engagement
    We provide a seamless digital-first experience tailored for modern consumers, integrating cutting-edge technology and personalised solutions.
  • Growth-oriented transformation
    Growth-oriented transformation
    Our team specialises in optimising your operations to streamline processes and maximise efficiency.

Our solutions

  • Our solutions

    Growth advisory

    Specialising in private capital raising, M&A advisory, due diligence, valuation, and transaction tax, we provide essential insights for well-informed decision-making in business expansion.

  • Our solutions

    CFO solutions

    Our expertise in financial reporting advisory, seamless compliance management system, GAAP compliances, compliance, and secretarial services, and learning and development solutions ensures robust CFO solutions.

  • Our solutions


    Enhance business resilience with our specialised risk advisory services, covering cyber, IT, and enterprise risk management for comprehensive risk mitigation. government risk and operations services focus on digitising processes, including internal audit, internal finance control/SOX compliance, standard operating procedures, and media spend analytics.

  • Our solutions

    Technology advisory

    Tailored ERP solutions for streamlined operations, advanced media analytics, digitisation and automation

  • Our solutions

    Tax and compliance

    Our comprehensive capabilities cover direct tax, indirect tax, US tax, and transaction tax, ensuring a robust approach to meeting your tax and compliance needs.

  • Our solutions

    Transaction tax

    Specialising in planning and implementing internal restructuring and reorganisation services, including asset acquisition under insolvency. Our expertise covers Indian tax and regulatory compliance. We offer full-spectrum support across the deal lifecycle, including pre- and post-transaction phases. Key services include comprehensive tax due diligence, acquisition/exit structuring, transaction document review, and post-deal integration.

Tools and technology

  • Proprietary and analytics tool - Our state-of-the-art analytics tool empowers media professionals with real-time insights, elevating decision-making and optimising content strategies.
  • Automation - Embrace the future of media with our support in technology transformation, utilising automation to streamline processes and enhance your digital capabilities.
  • ERP advisory - Unlock the full potential of your enterprise through our ERP advisory services, specialising in seamless implementations and customised solutions. Our focus includes SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 360, and other enterprise applications.
  • Cybersecurity - Safeguard your assets with our robust cybersecurity solutions, ensuring the resilience and integrity of your digital infrastructure.

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