India's maturing food processing industry, no longer in its infancy, holds the potential for a transformative journey aimed at minimising waste, increasing value, and propelling economic growth. While government policies and support remain crucial, investments in infrastructure and innovation are essential to unlock the industry's full capabilities.

An advanced food processing industry, equipped with cutting-edge processing techniques, plays a central role in waste reduction, value enhancement, promotion of crop diversification, improvement of farmers' income, creation of employment opportunities, and augmentation of export revenue. Moreover, it addresses critical challenges associated with food security, mitigates food inflation, and ensures nutritious food for the population.

The industry needs to increase its Gross Value Added (GVA) contribution by 2047 to positioning India as a global leader in processed food exports, highlighting its pivotal role in shaping the country's economic future.

The Grant Thornton Bharat advantage

  • Feasibility studies and detailed project reports
  • Strategy and project conceptualisation
  • Market intelligence
  • Feasibility studies and detailed project reports
    We guide enterprises through feasibility studies, helping them in growth strategy formulation, operational enhancement, and innovation promotion.
  • Strategy and project conceptualisation
    Strategy and project conceptualisation
    Our experts facilitate growth by leveraging financial assistance, understanding government scheme requirements, and assisting clients in accessing funds and grants for project implementation.
  • Market intelligence
    Market intelligence
    We enhance decision-making with data-driven market insights and analytics, empowering clients to capitalise on emerging trends and seize competitive opportunities.


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Our solutions

Market assessment and feasibility study
  • Analyse market factors such as size and supply-demand gaps
  • Location and catchment analysis for production clusters
  • Explore opportunities in processing, export, and import, considering the presence of large anchor customers.
  • Evaluate the feasibility with a "Go or No-Go" assessment for clients
  • Guide clients in leveraging financial grants from state and central governments
  • Provide assistance in optimising the use of financial support for project implementation
Detailed project report development
  • Compile and prepare the detailed project report (DPR).
  • Finalise processing technology and engineering designs for the project.
  • Facilitate financial closure for the project.
  • Manage the submission of the project for leveraging grants and incentives.

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