The biggest challenge that enterprises face today is the way risks are identified and managed. At Grant Thornton Bharat, we believe that the ability to understand data through intelligent analytics will be key for enterprises to effectively discharge their duties.

With the help of analytics, businesses can identify, prioritise and report threats as well as identify opportunities. Routine transactions reviewed using analytics allows businesses to focus more on using their professional judgement rather than on routine activities and also ensure that the procedures have wider coverage with no scope for human bias or error.

Grant Thornton Bharat’s CLEARR Insights is a state-of-the art data analytics platform that will help you in seamless data analysis and efficient decision-making.

Why the name CLEARR Insights? The platform derives its name from Grant Thornton’s six core values:

  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Agility
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

These give us a distinctive global identity and are at the core of this offering. The platform brings you insights that are easy to understand and enhance engagement quality so that you and your clients can make CLEARR decisions.

Our offerings

  • Data extraction: For standard ERP like SAP, Oracle, Tally, Navision, etc.
  • Data profiling and processing: Processes millions of records in seconds to provide actionable insights
  • Custom or client-specific routines: Adds or modifies any routine at any point of time
  • Data visualisation: Makes the most of effective storytelling, which will enable better decision-making

Key features of CLEARR Insights

  • Large library of data analytics routines
  • Equipped to handle data ranging in excess of 10 TB or 250 million transaction records
  • Exceptions are analysed through interactive dashboards
  • Flexible data ingestion capabilities
  • Analysis performed on complete dataset
  • Dynamic data analytics capabilities

Our team

Our analytics COE comprises techno-functional experts and works closely with risk and attest delivery engagement teams across various sectors. To book a personalised demo, please write to us at