India's sports sector is poised for transformative growth, driven by robust government initiatives, burgeoning infrastructural developments, and a deepening culture of athleticism and competition.

India aims to become a global sports powerhouse through strategic investments in education, infrastructure, and technology, alongside hosting international events. Initiatives like Khelo India and aspirations for the 2036 Olympics drive this ambition. However, challenges such as inadequate infrastructure, limited grassroots development, funding issues, professional management scarcity, governance, and cultural attitudes towards sports careers hinder progress. Overcoming these hurdles is essential to realise India's full potential in the sports arena.

Grant Thornton Bharat's Sports Consulting practice excels in transforming the sports landscape through its deep expertise in management and consulting, recognised by prestigious awards and a strong global presence.

The Grant Thornton Bharat advantage

  • Comprehensive project management and strategy
    Project Management, Sports Policy & Strategy
    We offer unmatched project management and strategic advisory services, focusing on sports policy, leagues, and events, establishing a solid foundation for success in the sports industry.
  • Development and advisory expertise
     Leagues & Events, Business Plan Development, DPR’s
    We develop comprehensive business plans and detailed project reports (DPRs). We also advise on infrastructure, transactions, and procurement, demonstrating a deep understanding of the sports sector's complexities.
  • Innovation and
    Infrastructure, Transaction Advisory & Procurement
    Our experts specialise in fostering partnerships, enhancing high-performance centres (HPCs), and grassroots development.

Our solutions

  • Our solutions


    Optimise sports organisations' potential to secure funding and CSR contributions for sustainable development and social impact

  • Our solutions

    Finance and budgeting

    Provide strategic financial planning and budgeting solutions to maximise resource efficiency and financial health in sports entities

  • Our solutions


    Expert assessment of sports properties and entities to determine their fair market value and investment potential

  • Our solutions

    Transaction advisory/PPP

    Advise on transactions, including public-private partnerships (PPPs), to facilitate growth and development in the sports sector

  • Our solutions

    Infrastructure development

    Guide the planning, development, and enhancement of sports infrastructure projects with a focus on innovation and sustainability

  • Our solutions

    Project monitoring

    Ensure sports projects’ progress according to plan, budget, and timelines through rigorous monitoring and evaluation

  • Our solutions

    Grassroots development

    Foster the growth of sports at the grassroots level by developing programmes that identify and nurture emerging talent

  • Our solutions

    Marketing and branding

    Craft impactful marketing and branding strategies to elevate the visibility and reputation of sports organisations and events

  • Our solutions


    Streamline operations for sports entities to enhance efficiency, performance, and stakeholder satisfaction

  • Our solutions

    PR and communications

    Manage public relations and communications to build positive brand images and engage effectively with audiences

  • Our solutions

    Event bid preparation

    Prepare compelling bids for sports events, highlighting key strengths and value propositions to secure hosting rights

  • Our solutions

    Bid process management & procurement

    Oversee the bid process, from documentation to procurement, ensuring transparency and compliance

  • Our solutions

    Events conceptualisation

    Innovate and conceptualise sports events that captivate audiences and deliver memorable experiences

  • Our solutions

    Policy and vision documents

    Craft strategic policy and vision documents to guide the long-term direction and goals of sports organisations

  • Our solutions

    Strategy and planning

    Develop comprehensive strategies and plans to achieve objectives and drive growth in the sports sector

  • Our solutions

    Technology integration

    Leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance the performance, engagement, and management of sports entities

Our achievements

  • Our achievements

    Best Sports Services Consulting Firm at
    Assocham’s Sports Excellence awards 2019

  • Our achievements

    Only Consulting firm with the experience of working on a
    Successful Olympics Bid

  • Our achievements

    Only PS firm to be included in
    Confederation of Indian Industry’s National Committee on Sports

Meet our leaders

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