In today’s interconnected world, businesses are driven by a value-led purpose, embedding principles of environment, social, and governance (ESG) into their core business activities to achieve business objectives and stakeholder expectations. 

Organisations are undergoing significant transformations, driven by the increasing global focus on ESG and sustainability to create long-term shareholder value. With mounting pressure from governments, regulators, consumers, and investors, there is a growing demand for companies to prioritise sustainable practices.

Grant Thornton Bharat offers specialised advisory services to businesses, leveraging deep industry knowledge and AI technology through its partnership with GovEVA. Our tailored approach aligns operations with sustainable goals, enhancing reputation and customer loyalty for sustained profitability. Committed to building Vibrant Bharat, sustainable communities, we provide guidance on ESG frameworks and regulations.

The Grant Thornton Bharat advantage

  • AI-enabled solutions
    Empowering industries with transformative AI-enabled solutions for enhanced efficiency.
  • Industry expertise
    Providing customised ESG solutions to promote sustainable practices across various industries.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach
    Utilising diverse disciplines for comprehensive and innovative problem-solving strategies.

What does ESG mean to us?

Our offerings

The demand for transparency on sustainable and socially responsible practices is increasing rapidly. Today, stakeholders such as investors, customers, employees, suppliers, media and NGOs want to evaluate a company’s impact on the world with an increased focus on sustainable investments and long-term growth.

This is where ESG analysis and reporting can provide valuable insights and help create value for stakeholders. It can significantly impact a company’s financial metrics and enable investment and managerial decisions that dictate an organisation’s future.

To meet the evolving challenges in the ESG landscape, we have forged a strategic collaboration with GovEVA, merging their technological expertise with our rigorous reviews and strategic acumen. This collaboration is designed to offer a comprehensive and effective approach to address the complexities of ESG challenges. The integration of technology and strategic insight ensures a holistic solution that goes beyond mere compliance, creating lasting value for all stakeholders involved.

ESG diagnostics and due diligence

ESG due diligence reviews a target company’s adherence to national and international legislation and non-codified stakeholder ESG-related norms and expectations. Further, it highlights a company’s ESG compliance status.

ESG strategy and roadmap

Investors increasingly prioritise standardised ESG information to understand a company’s long-term value creation plan. They encourage the integration of ESG considerations into the strategy, emphasising the importance of a robust ESG strategy to achieve goals.

GovEVA’s tool facilitates discussions for short and long-term strategic roadmaps, drawing insights from current state and gap analysis. It seamlessly supports the tracking, monitoring and reporting of the created roadmap, providing a comprehensive solution aligned with investors’ expectations.

Materiality assessment

Materiality assessments engage stakeholders in determining the importance of critical ESG issues for business. Findings shape the ESG strategy and advocacy.

Digitally-enabled assessments can be conducted anytime, prioritising relevant ESG parameters. The system operates on double materiality, ensuring an inclusive process for determining priorities.

EHS advisory services

To assess EHS strategy and compliance, the review of EHS management systems and assurance frameworks (in accordance with ISO standards), assistance with EHS risk assessments, gap analysis to assess legislation or internal policy, advice on resource efficiency and waste management.

Sustainability and ESG reporting

Through sustainability reporting, companies communicate their performance and impact on various sustainability initiatives, spanning ESG parameters. GovEVA’s reporting tool enables companies to streamline the collation and management of data, ensuring that reporting becomes an effortless and integral outcome of the process.

Non Financial Reporting

Sustainability, ESG, CSR and non-financial reporting are crucial for investors and rating agencies. Reporting reliable and independently verified information can help businesses acquire the trust of investors, stakeholders and the general public.

Development of BRSR

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has introduced a new requirement of the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR), which will replace the existing Business Responsibility Report (BRR) for the top 1,000 listed entities (by market capitalisation). BRSR includes non-financial disclosures on nine National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct (NGRBC) principles, which are from an ESG perspective.

GHG inventorisation (GHG)

GHG inventorisation enables a company to monitor and control energy consumption and GHG emissions (CO2, NO2, CH4, etc.) through the life cycle of their business and products. The solution incorporates GHG emission calculators for real-time data monitoring and presenting insights through a dynamic dashboard display.


Taking into account the long-term planning and CO2e emission reduction objectives of a company, decarbonisation assists companies in identifying and implementing the solutions required to decarbonise their operations.

Workshop/capacity building/training

Our capacity-building programme provides an interactive platform for the intended participants. Our platform helps the participants understand the aspects of ESG and related frameworks.

Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

TCFD has developed a set of recommendations for consultation that aim to support consistent, comparable, reliable, clear and efficient climate-related disclosures by companies.

Support in ESG rating

An ESG rating is targeted to help investors consider the unmeasured or unrepresented ESG topics when making investment decisions. Companies that score well on ESG metrics are believed to anticipate future risks and opportunities better, be more disposed to longer-term strategic thinking and focus on long-term value creation.


Integration of the SDGs into business strategy (business model, supply chain, product and services, innovation), measurement and assessment of SDG impact and performance effectiveness, reporting on the SDGs’ implementation progress on a national or company level.

Supply chain sustainability

Developing a sustainable supply chain by assessing the gaps to help achieving improved business outcomes, business continuity and increased stakeholder value. It helps in building resilience and strengthen the social license to operate.

Our ESG consulting

GovEVA: ESG simplified digitally

A SaaS platform designed to deliver measurable outcomes and create long-term value.

Embrace the all-in-one ESG advantage

In collaboration with GovEVA’s digital ESG SaaS platform, Grant Thornton Bharat offers customised solutions for your organisation's ESG and strategic priorities.


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