Financial statements are the ultimate report card of a company’s fiscal performance. They enable owners and managers to pursue their business objectives, whether they are raising capital, acquisition, divestiture or restructure. Therefore, every business activity, through the company’s lifecycle, impacts the financial statements and hence needs to be carefully examined and analysed.

Our FRAS group is a set of professionals who have significant hands-on experience in providing IFRS/US GAAP services, end-to-end solutions and support services relating to complex financial requirements in a wide range of scenarios:

  1. GAAP conversions
  2. Group consolidation
  3. Hedge accounting advisory
  4. Accounting manuals
  5. Financial statement preparation
  6. Transaction accounting:
    • Accounting opinions and whitepapers
    • On call advisory
  7. Loan staff
  8. New standards implementation


GAAP conversions

Experienced professionals at Grant Thornton specialize in GAAP conversions, ensuring accurate financial reporting amid regulatory changes and global business dynamics.

Group consolidation

We streamline group consolidation with professional services and an Excel-based automation tool, ensuring accurate and efficient consolidated financial reporting.

Hedge accounting advisory

We offer expert hedge accounting advisory to align risk management strategies with financial reporting, ensuring P&L stability and compliance.

Accounting manuals

Grant Thornton Bharat offers a dynamic and robust accounting manual services, ensuring consistency and knowledge retention within finance functions. Our online manual facilitates real-time updates and features structured navigation for ease of use.

Financial statement preparation

Grant Thornton Bharat provides financial statement preparation services to address reporting challenges amid evolving GAAPs like Ind AS and IFRS, ensuring compliant and structured financial statements efficiently.

Transaction accounting

Grant Thornton Bharat provides transaction accounting services for complex financial transactions, offering expertise in GAAP interpretation, analysis, and documentation to ensure accurate and compliant accounting practices.

New standards implementation

Grant Thornton Bharat specializes in implementing new accounting standards like IFRS 9, IFRS 15, IFRS 16, and Ind AS 115, offering detailed diagnostic reports, process designs, and implementation support for sustainable financial reporting.

IFRS 18 Compliance: IASB's vision for enhanced financial disclosures

Discover IFRS 18, the latest standard by IASB, aimed at improving financial reporting. Effective from January 1, 2027, it promises enhanced transparency and comparability.