GTMitra (Mitra translates into Friend in Hindi) is a centralised resource that assists multi-national businesses in understanding and adhering to dynamic regulations, mitigating risks, and formulating effective growth strategies.

With over 750 questions curated and answered by experts at Grant Thornton Bharat, it serves as a valuable platform for businesses looking to establish a presence, conduct transactions, or expand their operations in India.

Allow us to be your go-to experts for efficient navigation of the Indian market.

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GTMitra addresses questions by providing information through FAQs, offering users a streamlined and accessible means to find answers to their queries within the platform. It is a centralised resource that helps businesses understand the complex tax landscape, stay updated on dynamic regulations, and formulate effective growth strategies.

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Why GTMitra?

India's intricate tax and regulatory framework pose a significant challenge for businesses, given the multitude of laws and regulations they must adhere to. This complexity is particularly pronounced for multinational entities trying to decipher the nuances of the Indian tax and legal landscape. As businesses increasingly expand globally, including into India, the demand for accurate and current information on taxation and regulations has surged.

Compliance with local tax and regulatory requirements is indispensable to mitigate legal and financial risks. For companies seeking to establish and grow in India, success lies in developing a deep understanding of the country's tax and regulatory landscape. With GTMitra, our goal is to make navigating India's complex tax and regulatory framework easier for multinational entities. We understand that this can be a daunting task, which is why we have created a comprehensive platform to provide clear and practical answers to commonly asked questions. With a commitment to simplifying complexities, this platform offers valuable insights for those looking to establish a presence, conduct transactions or expand their businesses in India.

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Srirupa Saxena
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