People management plays a pivotal role in delivering organisational performance. As businesses transcend borders, both domestic and global considerations need equal attention.

We at Grant Thornton Bharat understand this and offer pragmatic solutions that allow organisations to manage their human capital effectively. Dynamic business models and legislation complexities call for solutions that bring out the best in our people. Therefore, we help our clients by taking care of their routine tasks, enabling them to focus on core business activities.

A robust people management function provides far-reaching benefits to an organisation and helps improve employee satisfaction. Strategic planning, outsourcing non-core HR functions, and ensuring compliance with tax and employment laws are key aspects where an organisation can benefit by partnering with the right service provider.

To build an excellent team and rewarding employee experience, you must understand what matters the most to your people. As the saying goes, you don't build a business; you build people, and then people make the business. The Global People Solutions team helps our clients deal with complex issues related to HR management, payroll, taxation and compensation, thereby building a better employee experience.
Akhil Chandna Partner, CFO Services

Supporting clients with customised solutions

As businesses transcend borders, both domestic and global considerations need equal attention. Our interim CFO and financial controller support services help organisations meet the business vision.


Changing landscape for employee engagements

Given the dynamic global and local business environment, people management is one of the critical functions that has become increasingly complex. Watch our experts discuss key challenges and focus areas of employee engagement.

Our people solution services

  • Hire to retire
    India entry entity set up
    HR processes are compliance-driven and are cumbersome, time-consuming, and arduous. HR tools leverage the power of automation, allowing HR staff to focus on strategic tasks. Using the Hire to Retire (H2R) tool, we provide solutions including recruitment and workforce, engagement and asset management, travel and expense, performance and helpdesk.
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  • Labour code advisory
    Corporate Secretarial Services
    The four new labour codes subsume 29 existing labour laws and are a significant step towards labour reforms in India. Organisations need to review their current compensation structure and HR policies to identify the appropriate impact areas under each code. Our team of experts will partner with you to assist in a seamless transition into the new labour code regime.
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  • Payroll outsourcing services
    Documentation and drafting Services
    A partner-managed payroll service helps HR focus on strategic initiatives with compliance and security taken care of by the experts. We cater to end-to-end Indian and global payroll outsourcing services and compliance. Our payroll transition process is equipped to handle project planning, gathering information, strategising and deploying.
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  • Global mobility solutions
    Global mobility solutions
    With businesses transcending borders, organisations must navigate domestic and global considerations to protect employer and employee interests. Our experts offer a comprehensive blend of tax, social security and regulatory advisory and compliance services to companies concerning their domestic and globally mobile employees.
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Far-reaching benefits of robust people management function

Case study

Streamlined Global Mobility compliances
Demonstrated collaborative efforts to streamline global mobility compliances and ensure timely delivery of work to clients. Grant Thornton Bharat coordinated the service delivery process across 14 countries to provide a range of engineering solutions to the energy and environment sectors.
Handled complex taxation issues for an outbound assignment
Worked on saving significant tax and interest by relooking at the tax positions on the various components of expense reimbursements and changing the mode of tax payment and also improved tax compliances. The client incurred heavy costs on the gross-up taxes on overseas expense reimbursements.

Case study

Helped client employees meet personal tax return compliances
Provided assistance to the client’s employees in meeting personal tax return compliances both in India and in about 20 countries. We served as the single point of contact for the client’s human resource and tax team across 20 counties, where client properties include more than 23,000+ hotels.
Implementing payroll process for a global proctoring company
Supported the client’s human resource team to implement policies and payroll processes seamlessly for a robust, accurate and timely output. We also ensured adherence to statutory and regulatory compliances. This resulted in eliminating the stress and reducing the cost incurred by the client by 60%.