At Grant Thornton Bharat, we have built a reputation for helping large organisations manage compliance-related intricacies effectively through a technology platform that helps create efficient workflows at a low cost and focuses on four key aspects of the big picture. These include knowing compliances, defining authorities and responsibilities, adherence to reports and managing proofs, and monitoring/controlling risks.

Devesh Uniyal
Partner, CFO Services

For all businesses, adhering to regulatory compliance is an essential part. With ever-changing regulatory policies, increasing business complexities and ensuring corporate governance, remaining compliant can be challenging. However, implementing an effective compliance management system with the latest technology into your operations will allow your organisation to meet the requirements timely.

We have automation solutions for you that will allow meeting government requirements and remain diligent, which when failed, can lead to penalties and loss in revenue. We will establish multiple connect points and help you achieve desired output through Grant Thornton Compliance Management Solution (GTCMS).

Some of the Key Features of GTCMS

Our solution has multiple unique features which includes

Why automate compliance monitoring?

  • Helps with standardised, real-time reports and dashboard
  • Avoid multiplicity of legislation, regulators, business locations and third parties
  • Ensure reporting requirements under the Companies Act 2013 and Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) (LODR) regulations (2015) for efficient business operations
  • Resolves internal challenges, including lack of awareness and ownership, changes in processes, etc.

Quick facts about GTCMS

Grant Thornton Compliance Management Solution

An ever-changing regulatory environment, focus on corporate governance, business complexities, etc., have increased the need for corporates to have a robust compliance system in place. Further with the Companies Act, 2013, corporates are exploring new technologies that can help them achieve higher compliance rates.

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Grant Thornton Compliance Management Solution for BFSI

The RBI, through its circular dated 31 January 2024, has sought all the regulated entities to carry out a comprehensive review of their existing internal compliance tracking and monitoring processes, and institute necessary changes to existing systems or implement new systems latest by 30 June 2024.

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Struggling with compliance? Here’s how we can help

  • Compliance checklist
    Complaince Checklist

    Covering all regulatory compliances applicable on an organisation:

    • Registrations/licences
    • Registers
    • Filing/returns/dues
    • Intimations/modifications
    • On-going checklist
    • Event based
  • Legislative updates
    Legislative updates
    • Dedicated team to research changes, notifications and amendments in all active acts
    • Proactive upgrades to compliance calendars which users get access to:
      • Personalised notifications on changes
      • Weekly newsletters on changes
      • Scanned copy of notifications
      • Access to previous legal updates
  • Compliance organogram
    Compliance organogram
    • Configuration of multiple entities
    • Centralised access control
    • Five-level responsibility matrix
    • Only relevant compliances to relevant stakeholders
    • Internal and external ecosystem mapping for compliance reporting
    • Reallocate responsibilities on role change, attritions and long leaves
  • Easy to use
    Easy to use
    • Personalised user experience
      • Add new acts/compliances
      • Create restricted access, on ad-hoc basis, for specific data/documents for internal/external audits and inspections
      • Automate reports
      • Add/delete management users
      • User-level wise video tutorials
      • Access to auditors, directors and CXOs
  • Compliance advisory
    Compliance advisory
    • Corporate event management
      • Pre and post-event compliance generation
      • Auto-allocation to users
      • Enables advisory for corporate decision-making
    • Auto populated compliance calendars: Relevant compliances to stakeholders at the right time with reminders
  • Comprehensive coverage
    Comprehensive coverage
    • Act library: Act documents, amendments, notifications, etc.
    • Compliance brief: Applicability, penal provisions, key definitions, exemptions, filing forms
    • Reference to government and useful websites
    • Bifurcation of compliances basis criticality
    • Changes archived for reference during audits and inspection