Urbanisation, a growing middle class, increased disposable income, technological advancements, and industry consolidation are changing how the retail and e-commerce industry operates.

Retail and e-commerce businesses must adjust to evolving dynamics, reconsider their operational frameworks to cater to the informed consumer, foster data-centric capabilities, and remain flexible in addressing market shifts.

The Grant Thornton Bharat advantage

  • Comprehensive knowledge
  • Cutting-edge solutions
  • Lifecycle support
  • Comprehensive knowledge
    We help you reimagine retain and e-commerce business strategies, mitigate risks, and meet end-to-end requirements.
  • Cutting-edge solutions
    Cutting-edge solutions
    Elevate customer-centricity with offerings including digital transformation, data analytics, security and supply chain management.
  • Lifecycle support
    Lifecycle support
    Help companies explore, identify, and implement strategic choices that will sustain their businesses in the present while evolving them for the future.

Our solutions


We specialise in delivering holistic solutions in governance, risk, and operations for consumer businesses. With expertise covering all facets of the value chain, we assist in process optimisation and the establishment of a resilient risk and governance framework tailored to your needs.

Corporate governance | Internal audit | IFC/SOX compliance | Forensics and investigation | ESG guidance | Standard operating procedures | Social media audit and analytics



Collaborating with dynamic organisations, we craft customised tax planning strategies tailored to their unique business structures. Our tax advisory services are specifically crafted to assist clients in comprehending and mitigating the tax challenges inherent in business operations.

Direct tax | Indirect taxGovernment schemes 

Cyber and digital transformation

We support clients in managing and elevating their cybersecurity posture. Our specialisation lies in guiding clients through digital transformation using innovative technologies, valuable data insights, and efficient processes to unlock business value.

Cyber security | Finance transformation | Reconciliation automation

Sales transformation

We assess clients' sales function maturity to pinpoint high-impact, low-effort areas for intervention, optimising sales performance.

Revenue enhancement | Channel transformation | Customer experience (CX) transformation

Business consulting

Providing a fully integrated suite of strategic advisory services, we empower dynamic businesses to achieve growth. Leveraging our extensive experience and deep knowledge, we offer clients the insights and guidance necessary to reach their goals.

Strategy planning and implementation | Market assessments and competition landscaping | Business planning | Annual operating plan | Working capital optimisation | Supply chain/operations transformation

Transaction advisory

Our experienced cross-sector team is committed to helping you achieve strategic objectives, be it divestments, joint ventures, or key initiatives. With a global presence and local expertise, we leverage our network to connect with businesses and deliver maximum value for our clients.

Funding raising (equity and debt) | Mergers and acquisitions | JV assistance | Buy-side due diligence | Sell-side/vendor due diligence | Valuations

Automation for cost saving and operational efficiency

Problem Statement
Our client, a one-stop fresh meat delivery start-up utilising a farm-to-fork model, faced challenges in streamlining their procure-to-pay process. Additionally, they sought to standardise and automate their accounts receivable process to enhance operational efficiency.
Our Solution
As their trusted advisors, we implemented strategies to optimise their procure-to-pay workflow and automate accounts receivable operations. We focused on integrating technology to semi-automate the payment gateway, facilitate reconciliation, and manage B2B invoices effectively using the client’s existing technology platform.
Our intervention yielded significant financial and operational benefits for the client. They achieved 5% to 10% in direct and indirect savings through reduced labor costs and enhanced control over payments and collections. Furthermore, automation led to a substantial time savings of over 200 working hours per month, primarily due to streamlined daily reporting and improved payment and invoicing processes.

E-commerce for growth in a traditional industry

Problem Statement
Our client, a corporate real estate interior fitting company established in 1976, aimed to diversify their business by offering customers a one-stop online shop for purchasing interior construction materials. To achieve this expansion, they needed a comprehensive plan for launching an e-commerce venture.
Our Solution
In response, we were engaged to develop a five-year implementation roadmap for the e-commerce project. We established a project management office to oversee the execution and monitoring of this plan. Our team crafted a robust business plan and implementation strategy tailored to support the successful launch of the client's e-commerce website.
The strategic planning and roadmap provided by our team equipped the client with a clear path forward to expand their business into the online market, enabling them to offer a more comprehensive service to their customers. The establishment of a project management office ensured ongoing oversight and structured management to facilitate the successful implementation of the e-commerce venture.

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