We deliver tailor-made assurance and advisory services in India accentuated by impeccable quality to our clients in local and global marketplace. Our focus is on assisting our clients in steering through complex professional requirements with clarity and agility. Our partner led approach helps in navigating complexities to provide insights in your business with customised solutions.

Our assurance, audit and attest services in India include the following: -

  • Audits and reviews of US GAAP/ IFRS/International GAAP financial statements
    • We carry out audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with various GAAP’s (US GAAP / IFRS / any other international GAAP under various auditing standards (PCAOB/ AICPA/I’AS)
    • We follow the international auditing standards which are more stringent to comply with all necessary regulatory framework and provide our client with highest level of assurance on their financial statements
  • SOX attest services in India
    • The SEC registered companies are required to carry out audit of internal controls over the financial reporting process in addition to audit of the financial statements
    • Grant Thornton Horizon methodology and Voyager software helps the audit team in India to review/audit such controls and make integrated audit (audit of both internal controls and financial reporting) a smooth process
  • Agreed-upon procedures
    • In day-to-day operations of today’s business we are required to issue a report of factual findings, based on specified procedures. We perform on specified subject matter of specified elements as required by the clients
    • Having adequate knowledge of the business and industry, we help with specific procedures such as transactions with related parties, sales and profit of specific segment and carve out financial statements
  • Certification services
    • Certain financial information needs to be certified for various purposes such as tendering process, regulatory requirements or on request of third parties. As part of our assurance services, we also provide necessary certification services to our clients

Audit methodology

Our approach and the Horizon methodology with our Voyager software are designed to achieve a consistent standard of assurance service. The audit methodology and software are constantly reviewed to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest changes in international auditing standards and regulations. Horizon is designed to meet the needs of large, established and growing entrepreneurial companies.

Leveraging our solutions-oriented approach, our commitment is to invest time in assessing our client’s business and finding practical solutions to assist them. Our auditing services help them to realise their organisational objectives, and methodology to facilitate senior personnel involvement at regular intervals throughout the process, thus ensuring value beyond the ambit of the audit report.

Write to us if you would like to avail audit tax and advisory services in India.