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Grant Thornton is proud to be the Certified Strategic Partner for EFQM in India. With a large pool of certified EFQM assessors and trainers, we are well-equipped to help organisations achieve excellence in performance.

Our integrated and strategically designed portfolio of training and services are designed to empower organisational leaders and their teams to manage excellence, cultural change, and transformation. Our goal is to help organisations deliver positive results and meaningful benefits for all of their key stakeholders and society as a whole.

Our EFQM: Excellence Framework & Recognition

EFQM Recognition: Achieve Excellence in Management

EFQM recognition helps you check your organisation’s performance and achieve different levels of recognition

EFQM Training & Certification Online

Elevate your career with EFQM Assessor and Foundation Training. Acquire deep insights into the business excellence model and gain certification online.

Diagnostic study with insights

Improve your organisation’s management practices by using the world's best performance improvement methodology

Business impact

  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in operations
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increased employee satisfaction, engagement, and motivation
  • Improved reputation and credibility
  • Improved social and environmental performance
  • Increased innovation and learning

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