EFQM recognition shows how well your organisation is performing against a globally proven management framework – the EFQM Model.

You can achieve different levels of recognition – from ‘validated by EFQM’ through to being ‘7 stars recognised by EFQM’ or even winning the EFQM Global Award.

The EFQM recognition process is carried out by independent EFQM assessors. They review your performance using the model and offer tailored feedback throughout the process. 

Who is it for?

The EFQM recognition scheme is designed for any organisation, regardless of size, sector or location.

Following are some of the themes based on which an organisation may be considered for recognition:

Who is it for

Levels of recognition by EFQM

Levels of  EFQM foundation training  by Grant Thornton Bharat

Validated by EFQM: It is a simple and easy step for organisations or units that are just beginning to explore ways to improve their business approach. This simple process will help to instil a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation.

Qualified by EFQM: It is targeted towards organisations that want to receive a quick analysis of their strategies, management practices and overall performance.

Recognised by EFQM: It is intended for organisations that already have a robust management system and want to receive value-adding strategic and operational feedback on their management practices, their levels of performance and their readiness to be fit for the future.

The EFQM recognitions are valid for three years.