Every organisation wants to do a basic health check to understand how well it is performing as per global standards to improve the ecosystem, achieve net zero (carbon emissions), support sustainable development goals, etc.

At Grant Thornton Bharat, we utilise the world's best performance improvement methodology to review, compare and improve organisations’ management practices. Through evidence-based assessments, usage of technology platforms, data and analytics, we help organisations improve and manage change through measurement, tracking and improving performance in their key areas.

  • Prepare
    • Build internal capability to create organisational understanding based on the EFQM Model
    • Reach a consensus and create a common picture of the organisation at strategic, operational and performance levels
    • Empower your team to understand your organisation’s why/how/what
    • Create a digital blueprint of your business powered by advanced technology
    • Conduct transformation baseline analysis and create a road map
  • Assess
    • Get challenged by an external team of experts from a wide variety of backgrounds
    • Interact with the EFQM-trained expert assessment team throughout the process to enable the organisation to gain insights in order to manage future challenges
    • Discover the organisation's strengths through interactions and thought-provoking questions
    • Energise and motivate your team to demonstrate the wellness and worthiness of your organisation
  • Report
    Documentation and drafting Services
    • Communicate data-driven insights backed up by organisational experts to fit your priorities, purpose and people
    • Communicate detailed analysis and gap identification at strategic, operational and performance levels
    • Provide the organisation with comparative inputs on its performance at a global level
    • Support the organisation to focus on aspects that matter
    • Reinforce alignment and tracking