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Development Positive

A journey that has just started...

It’s a privilege to work so closely with governments and development agencies on our public sector advisory engagements. Every day, our teams contribute to shaping a more Vibrant Bharat (India) by addressing challenges that impact societies, businesses, economies and people. Our mandates are diverse, from skilling underprivileged youth to building aspirational urban cities, linking farmers to more profitable markets, enabling investments in post-harvest activities, cleaning Ganga, managing the country’s first water-based sports league, impact funding, and institutionalising processes for greater impact of every rupee spent on development.

Our success is not just financial; it also lies in the positive impact we generate through our engagements. I find it both challenging and inspiring. Working in an environment with hardly any control over the stakeholders makes it extremely challenging. But the results in the form of a better performing ecosystem that we leave behind is an unparalleled reward. Our teams walk the extra mile with our clients to usher in a sustainable positive change in their behaviours, methodologies, tools, and approaches to development.

In every challenge, we see an opportunity. For example, with the decline in job creation in the formal sector, there are hundreds of small enterprises with growth potential to create jobs; with climate change and irregular commodity prices, there are thousands of farmers waiting to move up the value chain and adopt more climate-resilient farming; and with time and cost overruns of infrastructural projects, there is the opportunity for more robust procurement processes. It is this outlook that helps us find sustainable solutions in the most challenging situations and locations.

This newsletter is an attempt to share our experiences, takeaways, solutions, and views with our wider stakeholders. We hope you will enjoy reading it and share your valuable feedback.