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Enabling our people to be the best

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Enabling our people to be the best!

Our on-ground teams work tirelessly for months – sometimes even round-the-clock – to turn certain projects around. They are the face of the Firm and play a great role in creating a self-sustaining positive impact from their work with the governments. In order to help them work more efficiently, and reinforce our larger purpose of building a vibrant economy, we undertake initiatives to make them adept with the necessary tools, methodologies, and approaches required to deliver effectively.

We recently rolled out surveys and sessions for our on-ground teams, and found that one of the top five asks by them were learning and development opportunities.

We then proactively initiated a ‘Learning Needs Analysis’ by talking to the practice leaders and our people. As a pilot phase, we rolled out learning a session of the most demanded skill, MS Excel, via WebEx. The session, led by Dinesh Kumar from the Public Sector team, was attended by almost 65 people and turned out to be a hit, with multiple requests from participants for more such learning initiatives.

Kunal Sood, Partner, Public Sector, said, “Such empowering learning interventions are enabling our people to be the real game changers.”

Here is a snapshot of what people had to say about their learning experience from the pilot run.


Moving ahead with our aim to skill our people with new technologies and provide on-the-job training, we are working on more such empowering and engaging learning experiences.

People Connect initiatives

Given the magnitude of our teams, the idea behind People Connect sessions is to appraise and apprise our people about their roles and responsibilities, understand any roadblocks they are facing and make them aware of the work the people within their teams do and hence connect with each other.

One such event was held recently in Bhubaneswar. We are assisting the Government of Odisha on a number of their key projects, like industrial development, sports, and convergence for enhanced impact on sustainable development goals. There are about 25 Grant Thornton professionals engaged on these assignments and it is essential that they work as a team and leverage diverse expertise to deliver results for the Odisha government.

 Our endeavour was to coach the team on the following:

  1. Best practices in improving the performance of ecosystems
  2. Culture of appreciation
  3. Cross-learning

Here’s how our people feel about such empowering initiatives:


Here are a few glimpses of the event

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