To survive in a dynamic market, organisations must evolve and transform

Consumer needs and expectations are changing every day and so is the market. For businesses, it is essential to judge where the change should begin from- from reimagining and revamping the sales dynamics. By bringing about an effective change in the strategy, investment and the way personnel interact with their consumers, organisations can leverage the changing dynamics and bring about a transformation in the overall market strategy and execution. It is time for organisations to improve performance and growth by realigning resources, policies and operations.

Understanding sales transformation

Before an organisation undergoes transformation, it is essential to consider its brand position in the market today and the future outlook. The target audience and how effective is an organisation’s service offering in satisfying customer needs are also some of the key areas to ponder on. Only then can an organisation introspect to realign its business objectives with the evolving market needs, calculate the potential risks and the ways to mitigate them, analyse the technological barriers and potential ways to overcome them.

Five reasons why you need to undergo sales transformation

In this dynamic, fast-paced world, transformation is not an option but a necessity. Change in an organisation can happen by way of revamping the business processes and policies, upgrading technology and a wholesale change in the market strategy.

Here are some triggers that hint at modifying the sales model:

  • A significant increase in the number of consumer complaints
  • High attrition rate
  • Below average win-rate for recent and new opportunities 
  • High cost of sales per unit of revenue 
  • Constant channel conflicts leading to lower sales

Does the above resonate with you?

It is time to accelerate change by building capabilities and capacities that focus on balancing the new path to business continuity. Revamp your sales strategy and achieve sustainable top-line growth via interventions in front-end organisation, such as people, process, channel, technology and infrastructure.

Reimagine sales with Grant Thornton Bharat

Customers and markets are transforming and so are we!

Unleash your full potential with Grant Thornton Bharat's specialised sales maturity assessment tools. We diagnose organisational needs by understanding the clients’ sales function maturity and identifying as well as prioritising the least effort, high return areas of intervention.

Our Channel Transformation

Our methodology includes focusing on sales transformation diagnostic and laying emphasis on channel transformation solution, often identified as the high-impact lever across various engagements. Channel, as a lever, plays a key role in top-line growth. Hence, this has been carved out as an independent solution for clients where:

  • There is a rapid appointment of high-quality channel partners
  • There is rationalisation of current channel spread, which can deliver results within 12 months
Channel engagement
  • Scheme and promotion
  • Coverage planning
  • Sales cadence
  • Customer alignment of sales promotions, ATL and BTL activities
Channel strategy
  • Fit for purpose design
  • Role of channel
  • Conflict resolution
  • Policies and other mechanisms
Sales and distribution
  • Dealer management
  • Dealer operations
  • Strategic review of channel

How Grant Thornton Bharat can partner with you

Our people-first approach puts you and your requirements at the heart of everything. Our seasoned professionals are here to assist you across diverse domains and verticals to achieve exactly what you desire.

Our key offerings include:

  • sales-strategy.png
    Sales strategy and overall sales model
  • The Social Security Code, 2020
    Organisation design, size, KPIs
  • target-markets.png
    Target markets, customers, and segments
  • territory-alignment.png
    Other specific areas such as territory alignment, channel structure
  • competitive-stance.png
    Competitive stance
  • technological-intervention.png
    Technological intervention through data analytics/big data
  • product-portfolio.png
    Product portfolio and pricing strategy