Women in Business 2021

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India has third highest number of women in senior management positions globally
Women in Business Report 2021
  • With 39% of women in senior management positions, India ranks third in the world

  • 47% of Indian mid-market businesses now have women CEOs

  • Percentage of women leaders across key positions in C-suite in the country is higher than global average

  • Globally, businesses with at least one woman in senior management has increased to 90%, same stands at 98% in India

Grant Thornton has been reporting on gender diversity in senior management among the world's mid-market businesses for more than 17 years now. Last year saw unprecedented events that left an unparalleled impact on that progress. With the pandemic creating a shift in global working practices, it has had consequences for women in business, their growth and the challenges they face in the coming months and years. The Women in Business 2021 report outlines the position of women in senior management around the world. As more diverse and inclusive leadership model emerges in the market, the report highlights the actions leaders need to take to create a change in the proportion of leadership roles held by women.

The report also covers the impact of COVID-19 in the workplace, especially on women. 'Innovative', 'adaptive to change' and 'courageous to take risks' will emerge as top leadership traits in 2021.

"With COVID-19, there is a greater need to be flexible and imaginative. Business leaders need to champion the cause of gender diversity and create cultures in which diverse voices are heard."

Pallavi Joshi Bakhru
Partner, Grant Thornton Bharat

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