Car buying landscape: The road ahead

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The Indian automobile market is expected to be revolutionised with several digital interventions in the next few years. The automobile sector, by leveraging the latest technology and data solutions, is improving customer experience with a shift from physical to digital. Grant Thornton Bharat, Quora and Talkwalker and have partnered for the report highlighting the latest car buying trends on digital platforms.

Below are some key highlights from the report:

  • Quora users planning to buy a car are more likely to look at consumer reviews when researching a brand or product than the average car buyer in India
  • Content related to cars and automobiles on Quora is seeing a steady surge over the last year.
  • With increase in new vehicle prices, pre-owned/used vehicles are expected to increasingly become a more popular choice
  • Higher to middle-income individuals make up 73% of Quora’s car-buying audience
  • According to Talkwalker database, SUVs account for 87% share of conversation across online platforms