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SuperCoach Programme

SuperCoach – Your dreams make our team

Grant Thornton’s brand promise is all about unlocking the potential for growth in our people, clients and communities. This brand promise can only be fulfilled by investing consistently in the development of our people.

Our SuperCoach programme is intended to:

  • Build and maintain a close connection with our people
  • Align organisational and individual goals
  • Create opportunity for aligning individuals’ personal ambitions with the Firm's strategic goals and vice-versa


Amit Jaiswal Amit Jaiswal

"Being the most recommended firm by our people is our utmost priority, and this ensures that our people agenda is deeply rooted in our strategy execution plan. We believe our SuperCoach program, built on a three tier apprenticeship model, is unique in the profession that proactively aligns individuals’ personal ambitions with the firm’s strategic goals. Each SuperCoach group has a scorecard that mirrors the firms scorecard directly and hence enforcing the alignment in a structured way. What excites me most about the program is the kind of bonding developed amongst the SuperCoach team members which has forged a lasting trusting relationships between them."

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My focus has always been on the team's learning, development and growth by being available, approachable and adaptable.
- Armaity Irani

I take a personal interest in the growth of my team members.
Dileep Thammana

I guide my team to walk on a common path, towards a common goal.
Vivek V

My team can reach out to me 24x7.
Chandan Sangal