For a Firm of the future, D&I is not just an ‘idea’ which is discussed sporadically at internal and external platforms. Rather, it is an exciting journey that inspires people to value multiplicity of perspectives to grow personally and professionally.

Fatema Hunaid Fatema Hunaid

Being one among the few female partners in our consulting fraternity in India, at a relatively young age, is a matter of pride. Grant Thornton has been the perfect platform for my growth and discovery of my own capabilities around challenging responsibilities that the Firm has been consistently opening up to me; as an acknowledgement of what I bring to the table – as a professional and as a woman. This journey is not just a personal journey, but the collective success of the entire ecosystem around me (at home and at work) that enables me to do my best each day – professionally and personally.

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My advice to budding women tax professionals is to truly introspect and chase their passion, be strong role models, network relentlessly and build a very good support system. Have a strong mentor; I have had very inspiring male mentors at work who have trusted me and encouraged me to reach higher.

Triven Gupta Triven Gupta

In the recent past, the prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern brought along her 3-month-old daughter to the UN General Assembly, becoming the first female head of government to bring her infant to the UN.

I can recall many instances in our Firm where women across levels have taken on such responsibility. As part of a young team, which functions like a start-up, the Global Research Centre (GRC) has created an environment where women employees are highly motivated, capable and accountable as modern professionals. Recently, we introduced a mentorship programme for new women hires in the team to guide and develop them into professionals. As part of the programme, we plan to promote work-life balance, an open-door policy and a positive culture in the team.

At Global Research Centre (GRC) which is a part of Grant Thornton Global Delivery, we aim to not only provide women with an equal opportunity, but also create a path for women empowerment in the community. We have seen fresh graduate hires groom into managers of today and emerging leaders of tomorrow. The positive impact is on the entire network, and it is the encouragement from our global leaders that motivates this team to perform. It is a win for Grant Thornton and a case of our core values making a difference.