Our experienced forensic accountants, field investigators, computer forensic experts and corporate intelligence specialists assist businesses in putting together a robust mechanism to battle fraud related incidences.

Our diverse national team consists of forensic accountants, lawyers, enforcement experts, background intelligence specialists, forensic technology and field experts, and combines the strengths of each to deliver effective solutions to dynamic Indian businesses.  

We understand the urgency and peculiarity of the problems that our clients face and hence, pride ourselves in being the most responsive and innovative team that can meet our clients’ requirements.

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How we look “Beyond market boundaries”

  • Event-driven or reactive services - For Instance: Misconduct by  employees  resulting in occupational fraud
  • Proactive services - For Instance: Assessment of Fraud Vulnerabilities for specific high-risk areas or processes 
  • Client spending is non-discretionary - For Instance: Increased  regulatory enforcement
  • Develop standard questionnaire for specific enquires for the clients - For Instance: Develop a supply chain vendor review questionnaire vs. questionnaire specific to understanding business operation and promoter details

How we create “value for you”

Know your business relation

  • Corporate Intelligence: Invest before investing in a business relation by performing corporate intelligence procedures and obtain key, actionable data to assess the reputation and track record of business or senior management/board of directors or individuals or their related entities
  • On Field Market Intelligence: Collection of information and data from an on-site inspection to independently corroborate the facts and images provided by the business partners. In addition, information with respect to place, size and scale of operation of business, number of employees and other relevant data may be collected through on-site inspections and proof
  • Asset Tracing: We are able to assist you and your counsel in arbitrations as well as court proceedings by identifying assets of the counterparty that may be at risk of disposition while the matter is sub-judice

Develop Compliance Framework

  • Regulatory Compliance Framework: It is the obligation of every Corporation doing business in India to abide by the jurisprudence of the state. The Corporate should be cognizant of all the compliance related provisions and processes under various legislations such as Companies Act, RBI Guidelines, and others
  • Anti-Fraud Programme: Anti-fraud Programme helps organisations  avert fraud related event and safeguard against business critical processes/areas. A strong fraud risk approach can assist commercial enterprises derive competitive advantage
  • Brand Protection: We assist our clients in understanding the size and extent of the counterfeiting problem and provide assistance in designing appropriate counter strategies by identifying key players involved in the distribution and sale of counterfeits
  • Periodic Compliance Review: Companies can adopt the policy to monitor action through periodic compliance review in a  high-corruption risk areas such as:
    • Companies periodically conduct compliance audits, ethics dip stick and anti-corruption assessments for their business partners; and
    • The rights to audit and review books and records of business partners/alliances helps companies bring actions/serve relation in case of any statutory violations or breach of conditions of business agreements

Anti-bribery Measures

  • Bribery Risk Assessment: To acquire and carry out a robust and comprehensive anti-corruption strategy, organisations conduct a comprehensive bribery risk assessment to assess existing anti-bribery framework, and build up an anti-bribery implementation plan to establish governance structures
  • Anti-bribery Due Diligence: For an enhanced review of any ‘red flags’ indicating that violations of  anti-corruption and bribery legislations, the organisation conducts due diligence on third party business partners in line with the regulatory demands of due diligence provisions according to the anti-bribery legal and regulatory drivers
    Informal/formal interviews with management of potential business partners on many occasions reveal the practices of corrupt means followed to engage in business activities.

Monitor Actions and Resolve Disputes

  • Corporate Investigation: Backed by a dedicated forensic technology and intelligence team, we are able to offer end to end solutions to meet the needs of our clients. In internal investigation, we assist our clients at every stage of investigation – from the time of identification of an issue (through a whistle-blower or otherwise) to assistance in taking corrective actions. Similarly, in external investigations, we use our dedicated field intelligence team to obtain actionable intelligence that supports and informs our investigation and focus on core issues
  • Forensic Technology Assistance: We help businesses find information, fraud related or incriminating evidence from the digital media based on market accredited E-discovery extraction tools. In addition, we also perform data analytics to identify, analyse and present the data in a heuristic analysis of chain of events related to the fraud
    Our team has vast experience in conducting computer forensic, E-discovery and data analytics to meet the requirement of our clients from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives.
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Companies can develop strategies prior to investments as easily as in the case of a conflict. The smallest step can be taken today:
    • Clear arbitration clause may help business partners handle disputes in a way which is not prejudicial to the business interest of all the parties
    • Prior agreement on the issues and assumptions that can be a basis of disputes; and
    • Inclusion of a detailed arbitration clause in contracts based on independent expert opinion from a mutually appointed expert