Women in Business: building a blueprint for action

Women in business: Building a blueprint for action

Gender diversity is not just the right thing from a social standpoint; it is the best thing for business. Our research on the value of diversity estimates the opportunity cost (in terms of lower returns on assets) for companies with male-only executive boards was a staggering $655 billion in 2014.

Encouragingly, our 2019 research reveals the highest recorded proportion of women in senior management globally at 29% – an increase of five percentage points over the last year, suggesting a more active, targeted approach to improving the situation.


In the 2019 report, beyond publishing the figures and discussing associated recommendations, we are taking a step forward in outlining the conscious and deliberate action businesses can take – practical steps to increase the number of women in senior management, across all job roles, industries and regions.

Using the hashtag #BlueprintForAction, share your views on the challenges and successes you have experienced in promoting gender parity in your senior management team.

“For any organisation to be able to make an impact on the critical yet neglected issue of gender diversity, it is imperative to get a complete handle on what the gender parity data is telling us – which in itself will create the case for action.”

Kavita Mathur
People & Culture Leader, Grant Thornton in India