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COVID-19: Social responsibility governance guide for businesses

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in an unprecedented social challenge never experienced in modern times with millions of families and individuals in urgent need of support on economic and health security fronts.

While the government has announced significant relief and support packages, several individuals, corporates and civil society organisations have also come forward to extend support and contribute from their CSR budgets and other resources. However, a few questions need to be addressed while businesses plan or implement their social response to COVID-19:

  • Which partners should you work with?
  • How can you monitor the progress of projects?
  • How will you measure and validate outputs and outcomes?

Here’s how we can help you HALT and address these aspects comprehensively before you initiate your CSR projects

  • Governance and policy review
  • Partner identification and capacity building
  • Partner and vendor diligence
  • Programme modelling and MIS design

.. and many others

With extensive experience in helping companies with their CSR strategy and initiatives, the Not-for-Profit team at Grant Thornton is committed to support your COVID-19 relief initiatives. We appreciate your contribution and support for those in need during this critical phase.

The only way now to get ahead is to get started.