The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) was established by the US government in the year 1987 for recognising US organisations for the implementation of exceptional quality management systems, resulting in performance excellence. The award is the nation's highest presidential honour for organisational excellence.

While the MBNQA itself is available for  US-based companies only, it has developed franchisee relations with several countries for offering the MBNQA as their National Quality Award. For example, the MBNQA is offered in India as the Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award through Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC) – IMCRBNQA

The Baldrige Criteria standards or requirements within the Criteria are co-created by quality experts, business executives, academics, health care experts, government experts, and many others to ensure that they always reflect the “leading edge of validated management practice”

The Baldrige Excellence Framework is available for manufacturing, service companies, small businesses, education, healthcare, and non-profit organisations.

Our offerings

  • Diagnostic study with baseline score and insights on areas of improvement
  • MBNQA training delivered by certified experts
    • Leadership awareness session on MBNQA Model
    • Leadership coaching sessions on managing business excellence, creating, and nurturing organizational culture and values
    • Core Team training on MBNQA Core Values Training, MBNQA Application Writing, and Certified Examiner for Quality Management (CEQM)
  • MBNQA advisory and journey to award application:
    • End-to-end engagements, beginning with initial baseline assessment followed by planning and executing the implementation strategy consisting of timelines, target MBNQA Score, strategic goal setting, roadmap creation, capability and culture building, training, periodic reviews, and assessments
    • Complete support for IMCRBNQA Award Application documentation as well as the coordination for the award process with IMC.

MBNQA differentiators

We focus on the following critical business issues:

  • Hiring and retaining a high-performing workforce through diversity, equity, and inclusive cultures
  • Managing risk, safety, and resilience enabled by digitisation and technological innovation
  • Capitalising on your organisational ecosystem

Business impact of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

  • Develop leadership for quality
  • Develop employees/workforce
  • Focused customer feedback and improvement based on opportunities
  • Lower product/service defects
  • Measure innovations and intellectual property