Investors prefer to see consolidated financial statements, driving listed companies to increasingly move in that direction for their quarter reporting. In India, preparing annual consolidated financial statements is a statutory requirement.

Consolidation as a process has multiple challenges, specifically dealing with different reporting formats and methods used by different group entities. Our consolidation solutions make sure that your consolidation process is as streamlined as regular financial reporting. We offer an in-house developed consolidation tool as well as professional services to prepare a structured set of consolidated financial statements.

When are our group consolidation services needed?

  • When an acquisition triggers preparation of consolidated financial statements by a company
  • When multiplicity of GAAPs for companies in different geographies is a critical part of consolidation
  • When different group companies use non-standard chart of accounts
  • When the volume of intercompany transaction is critical and matching/plugging of gaps in inter-company transactions is key
  • When companies have no standard structure to prepare individual reporting templates in the standard format
  • When companies have no defined process of inter-company reconciliation

What do we deliver?

  • Standard reporting templates for all group companies
  • Aligned chart of account (CoA)
  • Professionally prepared consolidated financial statements, with a complete audit trail
  • We also offer an automated consolidation tool, which has the following key features:
    • designed in Microsoft Excel with significant programming and macros at the back-end, which makes it easy to use and flexible for end users
    • uses trial balance of individual units or entities as the starting point and produces consolidated financial statements of the group
    • supports multiple levels of consolidation and generates financial statements at each level
    • is scalable to multiple group levels, foreign currencies and GAAPs
    • automates matching of inter-company transaction and balances
    • automates computation of complex calculations, eg minority interest and foreign currency translation
    • consistent mapping of trial balances based on pre-defined chart of accounts, which helps entities manage the chart of accounts from multiple ERP platforms