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Data centres: Indian real estate and regulatory dimensions

In this edition of the Realty Bytes, we have discussed Data Centres, their presence in the real estate sector in India and the regulations driving the segment. 

India's journey towards becoming a digital powerhouse is linked with the growth of data centres. These repositories of digital information are not merely data warehouses; they are the nerve centres driving the digital economy, powering businesses, enabling connectivity, and shaping the future landscape of the country.

The real estate sector is an indispensable partner in the rapid expansion of data centres. With an increased demand for specialised places designed to house and sustain these data warehouses. The Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023, highlights the importance of data sovereignty and security, necessitating substantial investments in local data centres. This regulatory framework is expected to enhance data privacy and protection, attracting further investment in the sector.  

Therefore, understanding the intricate interplay between data centres and real estate becomes pivotal as we navigate this exciting juncture.