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Public sector delivery mechanisms: Success story of Madhya Pradesh

Public services in India are transforming to meet citizens’ growing expectations, create experiences, and make productive use of limited public resources. Public services such as issue of ration cards, domicile or caste certificates, water or electricity connections etc., form the most common interface between citizens and government, and hence the service level provided by government is critical in shaping the citizens’ sense of trust and expectations. Attempts are being made to ensure respect for human rights, strengthen democracy, promote transparency in public administration through citizen participation, have an impartial legal framework, people inclusiveness, effectiveness, accountability, transparency, and responsiveness.

This publication covers the key revolutionary initiatives undertaken by the Madhya Pradesh government to provide improved access to public services to the people of Madhya Pradesh. These initiatives focus on decentralisation of government functions, re-engineering of government processes, application of new technology, and enablement of law in order to provide better services to the citizens of the state.