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Fraud and the culture connection

Corporate culture has always been a subject of attention, but has come to occupy center stage over the years. With business environment becoming increasingly dynamic and complex, workforce has become an important element for growth and building a strong, reputable brand. Amid such circumstances, discussions around culture have only risen.

In this publication, we present to you the crucial areas where culture has a profound impact towards building good governance and creating an environment resistant to fraud. The impact of culture exceeds far beyond the visible impressions, and this ethical dimension influences a myriad of business decisions made by employees and other stakeholders on an everyday basis. Particularly, in difficult scenarios, culture is like the unspoken rulebook as it empowers people to make the right choices.

We discuss how a weak organisational culture is linked with a high risk of fraud and how organisations can nurture the ethical fabric to build a culture that is fraud-averse.

We hope you find the publication meaningful.