Thought leadership

ESG in insurance industry - Series 1: Environment


The insurance industry is increasingly recognising the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their business day-to-day operations. ESG considerations are becoming more integrated into their investment and underwriting decisions, as well as their risk management practices.

With more than a decade of planning, ESG practices are now being taken into day-to-day business practices, with management being more cognizant of their decisions that have considerable amount of attention towards a sustainable growth of insurance business.

This thought leadership report covers the concept of ESG, focusing on the environmental aspect and the impact it has on the insurance industry, with a perspective of what insurance regulators think from a global and Indian standpoint. This report also covers some technical aspects in general insurance and how environmental factors are being considered in them, as well as Grant Thornton Bharat’s perspective of what the future holds for the general insurance industry.

This shall be a two-part series, wherein the social and governance aspects shall be covered in the upcoming series.