Development Positive - Volume 5

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We are pleased to announce the release of the fifth edition of the Development Positive newsletter, a testament to our journey towards a Vibrant Bharat. This edition includes stories of innovation, dedication, and transformation, and showcases our unwavering commitment to uplifting lives and communities across India.

Empowering Rural Women: Our cover story celebrates the remarkable achievements of the STREE project, which has empowered more than 1.40 lakh rural women and artisans, bringing economic growth and social change in their lives. This initiative not only highlights the strength and resilience of women farmers but also underscores our commitment to inclusive growth and rural development.

Transforming Agriculture: In the agricultural sector, we focus our efforts on Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) and Commodity Stewardship Councils (CSCs), revolutionising Indian agriculture. These initiatives are aimed at increasing farmers' incomes, enhancing productivity, and ensuring sustainable agricultural practices.

Boosting the Food Processing Sector: This report explores the transformative potential of the food processing sector, positioning it as a cornerstone for India's economic development. By focusing on innovation, quality, and value addition, we are paving the way towards making India a global leader in processed food exports by 2047.

Spotlight on Northeast India: The newsletter highlights our interventions in the Northeast, aiming to elevate the role of agriculture through strategic partnerships, technological progress, and capacity building. In addition, the unique agro-climatic conditions of the region promise a significant potential for horticulture and value-added products.

Vision for a Vibrant Bharat: Through our collective efforts, documented in this edition, we are not just shaping a Vibrant Bharat but also inspiring a movement towards sustainable and inclusive growth. Our initiatives across various sectors reflect our commitment to building a brighter future for all Indians.