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COVID-19: Risk solution – vigilance while rebooting operations

As leading economies around the world grapple to contain the Coronavirus disease, leaders are preparing for a future where business plans factor in this reality to reimagine growth. The silver lining is how many businesses have already initiated the transition from ‘shutdown’ to ‘reboot’. As this gathers momentum, it is important to assess whether your facility reboot plan addresses below aspects.

  • Reputation risk
  • Penal implications
  • Health and safety of employees

among others…

Our Risk experts can help leaders HALT and carry out a focused independent review of the above mentioned aspects to implement a robust and cost-effective facility management system

In the short-term, we can help you adhere to compliance requirements through independent assessment and in the medium to longer term we can be your strategic partner to continuously monitor adherence to guidelines and implement industry best practices, with a focus on the following:

  • Review safety and hygiene practices: Train employees to follow proper hand hygiene and awareness, conduct regular mock drills, create emergency response  teams, identify nearby medical facilities, etc.
  • Follow social-distancing norms: Implement and track adherence to social distancing across campus and locations
  • Provide safe commute: Review health records of drivers and provide necessary safety kits in vehicles.

The publication also contains a facility management checklist to help you effectively restart operations.

Click here to access our COVID-19: Facility Assessment Tool to assess the preparedness of your facility