Thought Leadership

Auto Bytes – November 2019

As automakers continue innovating with smart cars, autonomous technology and vehicle communication systems, the one aspect of public transportation that has not been updated much over the years has been roadway technologies. There are many things that can be done to roads to help innovate and improve the driving experience, particularly when it comes to road safety. Thus, smart roads are the backbone to shape the future of mobility in India and consequently resolve traffic congestion and improve ease of living, reduce stress on natural resources and minimise carbon footprint.

In the last decade, commercial vehicles have witnessed an exponential growth in their sensing, computational and communication capabilities. Cities have also generated large volumes of data from different systems, such as cellular networks, social networks and participatory sensing. In this scenario, estimation of accurate traffic and road monitoring are the two major challenges to resolve traffic congestion, which can formalise through innovative sensor networks in smart roads.

This edition of Auto Bytes focuses on the use of big data and sensor technology in building smarter roads in sustainable and intelligent ways along with the government’s push towards smart road infrastructure and the future of smart transportation in India.