SPACs: Understanding tax and regulatory framework

Sridhar R
Sridhar R
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The second episode of our knowledge podcast series focuses on the tax and regulatory framework a company must adhere to while going down the SPAC route.

In our first episode, Partner and Overseas Listings Leader Raja Lahiri introduced us to the concept of SPACs, the benefits and risks involved in it for the companies.

In our second episode, our Partner, Tax, Sridhar R. articulates the tax and regulatory considerations for a company looking to go public via SPAC.

Key highlights from the podcast

  • Can the Liberalized Remittance Scheme or LRS investment route suffice for resident investors? What could be the limitations or precautions
  • Tax consequences for residents and non-residents of a De-SPACing transaction
  • Should the SPAC just hold shares of Indian target or the Indian target should be folded into the SPAC?
  • How indirect transfer rules under Indian Income Tax laws impact future transactions?
  • What are the things to watch out for Post De-SPACing?
  • What is the role of FDI policy on De-SPACing/externalization?


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