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Smart Cities Mission: A story of unique interventions

Due to the ever-growing population, there is increasing shortage of food, water, and energy. Cities are becoming crowded and polluted, leading to global warming and environmental degradation.
The Central Government’s flagship investment programme, Smart Cities Mission, was launched in 2015 to make 100 cities of India smart. The purpose of the mission was to improve the quality of life, save the environment, and provide good governance to the people of the country.
Leveraging its expertise in technology, Grant Thornton in India has been collaborating with the Government of India for the country’s transformation. This compendium features the work done by the Firm as a Project Management Consultant for seven smart cities, namely Nagpur, Varanasi, Namchi, Gangtok, Tumkuru, Jalandhar, and Sagar, by making good use of green initiatives, local renewable energy sources, and cutting-edge technologies to create clean, hygienic, and secure cities.
We hope this compendium can serve as a guide to other aspiring smart cities. We look forward to your suggestions.