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Mechanisation: Key to higher productivity to double farmers’ income

Farm mechanisation in India is still in its early stages as compared to the developed countries. Even with slow growth of mechanisation, the total production of food grains in India increased from over 50 million tonnes in 1950-51 to 272 million tonnes in 2016-17. Food grain demand is expected to reach 355 million tonnes in 2030 as compared to 250 million tonnes in 2016.

The adoption rates of farm equipment has been on a rise. Higher productivity, increase in agricultural exports, labour shortage and migration and increase in labour cost, are some of the factors driving farm mechanisation in India.

Our knowledge paper, ‘Mechanisation: Key to higher productivity to double farmers’ income’ provides an in-depth analysis of farm mechanisation sector in India. The report also highlights the existing challenges faced by the small and marginal farmers and makes recommendations on how to increase productivity and farm equipment penetration.