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Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience with Diversified Strategies

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The report offers a comprehensive examination of global food supply chains, blending global insights with regional nuances to outline a path toward diversification. It highlights various strategies aimed at bolstering supply chain resilience, focusing on examples such as Japan's post-tsunami recovery and the European Union's strategic food reserves. Furthermore, it analyses the transformative impact of cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, and blockchain, showcasing their practical applications through real-world scenarios in major corporations and food processing firms. Sustainable logistics initiatives, including the GoGreen programme and the adoption of circular economy principles, are also discussed.

Additionally, the report delves into risk management in sourcing, highlighting best practices and the geopolitical strategies of ASEAN countries. It explores concepts like friendshoring, nearshoring, and reshoring, alongside multi-sourcing strategies, providing a regional context with examples drawn from international agreements. The significance of cross-industry collaborations and public-private partnerships is illustrated through compelling examples. Ultimately, the goal is to ignite a global conversation that resonates at local, regional, and cross-regional levels, positioning the shift toward diversified and robust food supply chains as a potential model for the entire region.