What is ECL AssessPro? 

Grant Thornton Bharat has developed a unique solution for financial services industry to measure and improve the quality of their Expected Credit Loss (ECL) models. The purpose of ECL AssessPro is to help with:

ECL AssessPro leverages on experience of Grant Thornton professionals in developing and validating ECL models for organisations across the globe to deliver insightful and actionable feedback.

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Why to choose ECL AssessPro?

  • The tool leverages extensive client experience of our global network firms.
  • Each component of the ECL compliance tool  is benchmarked against industry best practices, regulatory expectations and requirements of the standards.  
  • Assessment is delivered through customisable reports and dashboards, helping focus on key actionable insights. 
  • You may also request for a follow-up discussion with our ECL experts to review results of the assessment, explore improvement areas and prioritise actions.

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How to use ECL AssessPro?

You have flexibility in undertaking assessment through ECL AssessPro, opting for either:  

  • Self-assessment, or  
  • Assessment through personalised assistance of our professionals 

Based on your choice of preferred assessment mode, an administrator is assigned to ensure a seamless and efficient experience, providing support for initial project set-up, project monitoring and more.

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Getting started with ECL AssessPro is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to begin:

  1. Create an account:
    • Visit the ECL AssessPro website and click on the "Sign Up" button.
    • Fill in the details as required.
    • Verify your email address through the confirmation link sent to your inbox.
  2. Create your assessment project:
    • Enter a name and description for your assessment project.
    • Enter other details as required such as portfolio type, portfolio size and portfolio age etc.
    • Request approval from Admin.
    • Once approved by the Admin, begin the assessment process.

The tool allows for self-use. However, if you would like our professionals to support you in completing the assessment, please email at ecl@in.gt.com.  

You can easily analyse the results of your assessments with the help of: 

  • Dynamic dashboards: Access a report featuring in-depth insights and analysis on the maturity of your ECL models through our dynamic dashboards. 
  • Expert follow-up discussion: Engage in a personalised follow-up discussion with our credit risk modelling experts to review assessment results, explore areas for improvement, and prioritise actions.  

Please read our Privacy Policy.

We welcome user feedback and queries. You can provide feedback or queries through the feedback/query link in the tool or by contacting our support team directly at ecl@in.gt.com

To use ECL AssessPro effectively, you should have knowledge of your institution’s ECL models, policies and data. Familiarity with credit risk assessment and regulatory standards will also be beneficial.

In terms of technical requirements, ECL AssessPro is a web-based platform. Therefore, users only need a compatible web browser and an internet connection to access the platform. There's no need for additional software installation. 

ECL AssessPro undergoes regular updates to integrate regulatory changes and industry best practices, ensuring that your ECL models stay compliant and up-to-date with evolving standards.

ECL AssessPro is an exclusive offering of Grant Thornton Bharat that is available free of cost, on an invite only basis. Click on this link to login and request access to the tool.


Disclaimer: *For the best use of the tool, please access it on your laptop or desktop.