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The changes in the tax and regulatory environment constantly challenge large and growing businesses, particularly those operating internationally.

How your business meets this challenge can have a significant impact on your bottom-line. The more your business grows, the more complex tax requirements can become.

At Grant Thornton, we provide tax advisory and regulatory service in India and can help you minimise your tax exposure and highlight the risks presented by constantly evolving and increasingly complex legislation.

Drawing on our knowledge and understanding of tax regimes in India and around the world, we offer timely information and independent advice.

Through legitimate planning, we consider issues that arise within specific types of tax, as well as the tax implications of a new project, or a change to the business.

We work with dynamic companies and provide tax advisory to develop bespoke tax-planning strategies suitable for their specific business structure, and our solution-oriented approach is designed to help clients  understand and minimise the tax challenges that  businesses face.

Our comprehensive suite of tax and regulatory service in India includes the following:

  1. Direct Tax services
  2. Indirect Tax services
  3. Transfer Pricing
  4. US Tax
  5. Financial Services
  6. Transaction Tax
  7. Global Mobility Services

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