Transform your business with next-generation digital Global Business Services (GBS) structures and experience the full potential for transformation & success.

We enable organisations to achieve more with fewer resources and elevate your company’s GBS function from a transaction-focused internal department to a mature business partner.

Our team of professionals deliver sustainable value by assembling top minds for your success. We bring agility to established enterprises and expertise to scale a business. Apart from the primary benefits of consolidation of synergies, labor arbitrage, and productivity gains, GBS also enables:

  • Process efficiency
  • Reduced operation cost
  • Improved compliance & control
  • Efficient segregation of duties
  • Enhanced talents & skills
  • Elevated customer experience 

“Digital” – A key driver for GBS

Digital serves as a pivotal catalyst for Global Business Services to become strategic enablers due to its transformative impact on operations, efficiency and customer experience. It empowers processes through automation, analytics and real-time reporting.

Digital connectivity facilitates seamless collaboration across geographies, enabling real-time communication and resource sharing. This global reach optimises resource allocation and accelerates problem-solving. Enhanced customer experience is achieved through personalised interactions, self-service options, 24/7 availability and better risk management, fostering loyalty and growth.

Digital platforms are enabling businesses to expand into new markets with minimal physical presence, lowering costs and increasing agility. E-commerce and online platforms provide a borderless marketplace, amplifying market access and revenue potential.

Overall, the digital realm is driving Global Business Services by revolutionising processes, enriching customer experiences, enabling global collaboration and unlocking new market opportunities. Its adoption is essential for organisations to stay competitive and agile in today's dynamic business landscape.

The Journey of Global Business Services

Our expertise in GBS & Sourcing advisory

Proven Methodology & Approach: A comprehensive and modular approach for building a centralised service delivery organisation (offshore or onsite).

30+ GBS: Delivered GBS strategy, design, implementation, governance and transformation programs/solutions.

Tools & Accelerators: Access to benchmarks, tools, accelerators and frameworks to expedite the delivery of value or advance the benefits realised.

Specialised Skills & Integrated Capability: Multi-disciplinary across Intelligent Automation, Tax, Risk, etc. to embed culture of digital enterprise. We work with industry bodies on innovation and research.

Our Services

  • GBS Feasibility Study and Candidacy Assessment
  • Location Strategy and Evaluation
  • Business Case Management
  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Sourcing Maturity Assessment & Benchmarking
  • Process & Service Transformation Strategy
  • Opportunity Identification for Automation & Other Digital Transformation
Build & Implement
  • Target Operating Model Selection & Design for New Services & Center
  • GBS Implementation & Transition Management
  • Centre of Excellence Setup & Operationalisation
  • Service Governance Implementation
  • Insourcing of Services
  • Performance Framework Creation – Metrics Identification, Design and Deployment
  • RFP Creation, Service Provider Evaluation and Selection for Outsourced Services
  • Transition Planning, Mobilisation, Execution and Governance for Outsourced Services
  • Service Provider End of Term/Contract Renewals
  • Vendor Management Office Setup
  • Service Delivery Management & Support
  • Cost Recharge and Billing Model Review
  • Performance Review and Service Recharge Support
  • Governance Audits and Compliance Support
  • Managed Governance Services (Financial, Contract, Performance, Resource, Relationship & Risk)
  • Vendor Management and Conformance
  • Continuous Service Improvement
  • Service Optimisation (Operations Orchestration, Business Process Re-engineering, Application Portfolio Management)
  • Benchmarking & Diagnostics
  • Spend Management & Analytics
  • Health Check of Outsourcing Deals
  • Outsourcing Contract Reviews
  • Contract Management Solution (Design, Build & Implement)
Our Offerings

Global Business Services

Browse through our offerings that support GBS’ across the lifecycle from strategy & execution to operationalisation & transformation

Case Study

Strategy, Design and Deployment of Application Portfolio Management

For a Multinational Japanese Brewing and Distilling Company Group

Our solution

Operations Orchestration

Enabling a faster, smarter and more agile ecosystem by enabling organisations to view, manage and track all work using one end-to-end platform

Our solution

Spend Management & Analytics

Optimize spending with dGTL's Spend Management and Analytics solution. Gain transparency, analytics, decision rules, and alerts for informed decisions. Maximize value by enhancing spend transparency and accountability within your organisation.

Finance process insourcing & GBS design for a global Healthcare company

Problem Statement
A global healthcare company decided to move their Finance Operations in-house by opening a Global Business Services center in India. They had previously outsourced their ASPAC Finance processes to a third party. Their new strategy was aimed at 1) Process optimisation for improved efficiencies and cost management, 2) Improved process monitoring and control, and 3) Enhanced agility in business operations
Team dGTL studied the ‘As-is’ state to understand variations and assess existing metrics, SLAs, KPIs, challenges and the current technology landscape. The existing processes were then reviewed against leading practices and the client was suggested the ‘To-be’ state in line with industry comparators, estimated headcount sizing, skills and span of control​. The team then designed target processes and metrics, organisation structure, governance, applicable controls and finalised TOM design. As a final step, a detailed implementation plan was developed along with roadmap, defined transition plan with dual run requirement, and aligned client and outsourced vendor on plan.
dGTL delivered Finance GBS design and TOM in 3 months with optimised and re-engineered operations, following leading industry processes and practices with enhanced controls and seamless flow of information. dGTL also lent implementation assistance for a smooth roll-out with established governance mechanisms. ​

SSC Strategy & operationalisation (IT) assistance for a Japan-headquartered Global AlcoBev & Food Organisation

Problem Statement
The client was is in the process of assessing and harmonising the IT systems landscape across their subsidiaries’ operations moving to SSC. In this regard, the client wanted assistance on formulating the one application strategy, assistance on setting up and operationalising the IT areas for SSC.
Team dGTL performed data discovery across Asia, Europe and Australia regions to develop an operating baseline (specifically for Finance, HR, Supply Chain function and SAP, IT applications, systems used). An SSC strategy was developed in alignment to the technology decision (including process harmonisation, ERP strategy, SSC stack) for Finance, HR and MDM SSC. The team then formulated strategy, high level target operating model, roadmap with implementation plan to establish and optimise the SSC IT operations. dGTL also supported the strategy & transformation office to align the findings and outcome and lastly, designed the VMO function for selection, contracting and governance of services by outsourced vendor.
Team dGTL formulated the guiding principles and benefits for rationalization along with identifying applications for rationalization. The team operationalised a hybrid model at SSC to be setup in Malaysia and Singapore, leading to cost savings of 25% on operation heads over 2 to 3 years. VMO & APM were also setup to manage all vendor outsourced services.​

Strategy, design and deployment of application portfolio management for a global Japanese CPG organisation

Problem Statement
A leading CPG Japanese organisation as part of their strategic engagement and objectives decided to create One SAP Strategy, application portfolio & technology landscape to reduce operating cost and improve synergy across regions.
Team dGTL carried out detailed application and functional discovery and analysis across multiple regions to identify the application landscape. Upon studying existing processes across regions, the team evaluated and on-boarded an industry recognised APM tool to support the regional teams and global leadership for strategic rationalization and harmonization activities. The team then nominated and aligned leadership and regional IT leads for driving operationalisation activities to realise application benefits.​
The client was able to reduce operating costs by 35% in a phased manner (15% by end of year 1 and 15% by end year 2 and 5% by end of year 3). Team dGTL helped consolidate 5+ instances of SAP ERP to 3 instances within Asia, Europe & Australia. The client also consolidated application portfolio from 237 applications to 140 with a mid-term to long-term plan.​

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