It is crucial for organisations to maintain records of business-related travel expenses incurred by employees. However, they often face challenges in capturing, reporting, and analysing these expenses. Without a well-structured travel and expense (T&E) management system, month-end procedures can become disorganised. Additionally, some organisations still rely on outdated manual processes, resulting in decreased employee productivity as they devote significant amounts of time to documenting details of their business travel.

To ensure a seamless employee experience, organisations can streamline all stages of the T&E process, from submitting travel requests to reimbursement, through automation. This not only provides businesses with an overview of T&E expenses but also enhances operational efficiency.

Grant Thornton Bharat has collaborated with Happay, India’s leading T&E management solution provider, as its certified Implementation Partner. Our dedicated team of experts uses a reliable approach for implementation and provides assistance with technical configuration.

The key objectives that organisations aim to achieve through the optimisation of T&E management are:

Balancing employee needs with organisational goals

Aligning employee needs with organisational goals in the context of T&E management solutions involves a delicate synchronisation of priorities to ensure mutual benefit and efficiency.

Key features of our comprehensive T&E management solution

How Grant Thornton Bharat can help

  • How Grant Thornton Bharat can help


    Establish a project structure for effective governance and integration planning

  • How Grant Thornton Bharat can help


    Design review workshops and Happay design blueprint

  • How Grant Thornton Bharat can help

    Develop and test

    Configure T&E support interface and user acceptance testing

  • How Grant Thornton Bharat can help

    Deploy and support

    Dedicated support team and hand over documentation

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