Establishing and managing a quality management system is essential for organisations to ensure they deliver high-quality products or services consistently. However, organisations face several challenges when it comes to setting up and maintaining a quality management system because of resource constraints, lack of expertise in various quality aspects, resistance from employees, and much more.

A popular solution to these challenges is Quality Function Outsourcing (QFO). QFO involves outsourcing quality assurance activities to a third-party vendor who has the necessary expertise and resources to manage the quality function on behalf of the organisation.

By outsourcing quality functions to a third-party vendor, organisations can access specialised expertise that they may not have in-house and it can reduce costs as organisations no longer have to maintain a dedicated quality team in-house. Another advantage of QFO is that it can reduce the workload on existing employees. By outsourcing quality functions, employees can focus on other important aspects of their job, without being burdened with quality-related tasks that they may not have the necessary expertise to handle.

At Grant Thornton, we support the end-to-end management of quality assurance functions across a wide range of domains, including IT/ITES, BFSI, manufacturing, banking, and others. We offer a full suite of QFO services, including process definition, facilitation, implementation, and compliance verification. By partnering with Grant Thornton, you can optimise your quality assurance activities and achieve excellence in your operations.

Our offerings
  • End-to-end management of quality function across the people, process, and technology triad
  • Staff augmentation 
Business impact of QFO
  • Quick turnaround by providing experienced quality professionals
  • Minimises risk of attrition through backup resource 
  • Deployment of SMEs handling multiple product and service lines in the areas of process, services, business excellence
  • Reduced liability for career and succession planning
  • Enhanced motivation amongst the existing workforce offering them a diversified experience 
  • Third-party endorsement on compliance aspects and needs

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