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Goods and Service Tax

GST rollout was done keeping in mind the size of the Indian economy: Suresh Nandlal Rohi.....

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"The GST roll out was done very nicely keeping in mind the size of the Indian economy. Of course, there were teething problems in terms of compliances but the recent discussions with group of ministers shows that there is endeavours to streamline the process.

One of the advantageous factor under GST is removal of all the octroi check post and nakas, thereby giving a big boost to logistics companies and manufacturers, as traders are now able to move goods seamlessly from one state to another.

However, having said that it is the logistics cost to GDP proportion in India vis-a-vis other countries that must go down, something which with reduced timeframe of movement of goods and e-way bill system, will eventually reduce.

Therefore, I definitely see a paradigm shift in the days to come once all the states have embarked on this journey for e-way bill. "

Suresh Nandlal Rohira
Partner, Grant Thornton India LLP

This article appeared in Economic Times on 25th April, 2018.