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Grant Thornton dGTL and KoineArth collaborate to drive customer engagement, using Blockc.....

Blockchain is revolutionising businesses and altering consumer journeys, across sectors and industries. To offer unique solutions through digitisation, Grant Thornton dGTL has announced a strategic partnership with KoineArth, for its engage and markets platforms. These platforms will deploy Blockchain technology to create networks, markets and economies with trusted information and incentives.

KoineArth's engage platform enables brands to collaborate with artists, create unique digital assets and issue Non- Fungible tokens (NFTs) on them, which can be offered as a reward for brand loyalty. The second platform, markets, also built on Blockchain, enables physical products and documents to be converted to digital assets and NFTs. It can be tracked across the supply chain and used as collateral in supply chain financing. It enables businesses to form private groups with suppliers, customers, banks, etc.

Commenting on this collaboration, Pranav Kaushik, Client Advisor - Digital Transformation, dGTL, Grant Thornton Bharat, said, “We are engaged in industry-leading work, leveraging Blockchain technology and NFTs. We look at Web3.0, Metaverse and Blockchain as high-potential transformational technologies that will permeate across industries and will redefine the way our clients manage and share information and interact with the larger ecosystem. Our partnership with KoineArth is a step in the direction to build strategic capabilities and tap market potential in these areas. KoineArth brings strong platform-oriented Blockchain services that will allow us to serve emerging clients’ needs and help us create future-ready business models.”

Grant Thornton dGTL believes in creating sustainable value by optimum utilisation of technology and resources. In this context, this collaboration with KoineArth will help enterprises leverage NFTs and Blockchain in their digital journey.

“Combining Grant Thornton Bharat’s deep domain knowledge and KoineArth's ready-to-use platform, this collaboration creates a unique offering for enterprises- a guided path to digitisation. With Web3.0 adoption moving faster than expected, enterprises need to move quickly in their digitisation journey. Together, GT dGTL and KoineArth are simplifying this change for large global enterprise and start-ups, across sectors”, says Praphul Chandra, CEO, KoineArth.

About Grant Thornton dGTL

Grant Thornton dGTL is a venture of Grant Thornton Bharat LLP which focuses on implementing futuristic digital operating models for the corporate enterprise and entrepreneurs. Grant Thornton dGTL believes in making digital change simple by reimagining the art of the possible. dGTL has functional technologists and tech mixologists who can be trusted to evaluate what emerging tech would suit the organisation best. This is done by sustaining an ecosystem of in-house capabilities, exclusive products and synergies with new age technology companies.

About KoineArth

Founded by Dr. Praphul Chandra in 2018, KoineArth is a Singapore and India based Blockchain startup. Backed by established VC firms like Inventus Capital, YourNest Ventures & Lumis Partners, KoineArth has been recognised as one of the top-6 Blockchain companies in India. KoineArth’s mission is to create networks, markets, and economies with trusted information and incentives. KoineArth’s customer portfolio includes marquee enterprise customers like MG Motors, PVR, MakeMyTrip, Pernod Ricard, Hindalco, HDFC Capital.