Storm the norm episode 06

Anisha Motwani,
Narayan Devanathan,
Vivek Agnihotri,
Raja Lahiri
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Has it become an acceptable norm to prioritise valuation over value creation when running a start-up? If yes, why is this trend embraced like the holy grail? With this borderline trend fast becoming the norm, it’s the right time to find out what gives start-ups the confidence to not bother about profitability in their first few years and what makes their path different from that of the listed companies. To answer these burning questions and share insights on the norm, we have for this episode, Vikas Agnihotri, India Operating Partner at Softbank Investment Advisers. And for Insight by Grant Thornton Bharat, we have on board Raja Lahiri, Technology, Media and Telecom Leader and Partner, Growth Advisory.

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