Storm the norm episode 02

Anisha Motwani,
Geetu Verma,
Narayan Devanathan,
Vikas Vasal
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This norm may sound pretty obvious—and familiar, because it is an inescapable one these days, given the socio-political climate, not just in India but in many countries across the world. Recall the Donald Trump’s MAGA ideology that almost demanded a nationalistic fervor from business (the integrity of that ideology is another debate altogether), Brexit has asked Britons to view business from a non-EU lens first. Even in something as critical as a Covid-19 vaccine, the US wants to favor the one developed by an American company (Pfizer, in this case) while India has its predilections towards the ones where Bharat Biotech or The Serum Institute have a hand.

So, will local geo-politics influence businesses & will brands start being vocal about showing off their nationalistic credentials and make that a key strategic pillar in their playbook?

To answer this, we have an expert who has straddled the line between both local and global. Our guest expert today is Geetu Verma from Unilever, a global marketer and business leader, part of Unilever's global Foods and Refreshment team based out of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

We also have insights from Vikas Vasal, National Managing Partner - Tax at Grant Thornton Bharat on conducive government policies that give impetus to nationalistic brands.


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