Storm the norm episode 01

Anisha Motwani,
Narayan Devanathan,
Vishesh C. Chandiok
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StormtheNorm #1: Challenger brands have to swim harder than the leader to stay in the same place

What are the rules of winning for challenger brands? But first, what makes a challenger brand? What differentiates them from market followers & qualifies them as challengers?

Let's take a cricket analogy here. The 1983 men’s Indian cricket team was an underdog that came from nowhere to dethrone an invincible West Indies. But there is another more apt team when it comes to satisfying multiple conditions of being a true challenger. The Sri Lankan team of the 1996 cricket world cup. They were a decided underdog, much smaller as a cricketing nation, in the midst of the worst days of the civil war and they definitely did not stay in the same place at the end of the tournament.

What is amply clear is that it’s high time the ‘challenger brand’ norm was stormed.

We do have an expert who brings his lived insights and experience with him — on what it takes to be a challenger brand and not end up in the same place. Listen to Mr. Vishesh C. Chandiok, CEO of Grant Thornton Bharat to shed light on this & more. Don’t miss the #StN Innovation #Hacks to help you change your game


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